Tea With HER x Zakiyrah Ficklin


As you all know, I am always here for a dope event that's all about women empowerment! This past Tuesday, I had the pleasure of joining Zakiyrah Ficklin as she partnered with The Gathering Spot of Atlanta to bring us Tea With HER, an event that gave millennial women the "tea" on what it takes to create a successful life filled with purpose, love, and wisdom. 

Before I dive into the details of the event, allow me to introduce you to the woman behind the vision. Zakiyrah Ficklin is an author, philanthropist, Public Relations professional, motivational speaker...I could honestly go on because she is out here WORKING. She recently released her first book entitled Her 20 SomeTHINGS and her very own planner, The Daily PlanHer. Check out both of those items!

Now, let's talk about this event.

Tea With HER incorporated topics from her book into a panel discussion which was led by Zakiyrah alongside Lauren Ashli of Rolling Out Magazine, Rachel Jackson of ASCAP, and Chari Chin-Young Caston of World Peace Connections. The panel was moderated by Lorelle Oliveira of Art of the Funny Girl Podcast.

Each of the panelists shed so much light on the importance of maintaining who you are spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally while balancing a career that fulfills your passion. I took note of some gems from the discussion that hit home for me, so I wanted to share those with you all! 

(L-R) Lauren Ashli, Rachel Jackson, Zakiyrah Ficklin, Lorelle Oliveira & Chari Chin-Young Caston

(L-R) Lauren Ashli, Rachel Jackson, Zakiyrah Ficklin, Lorelle Oliveira & Chari Chin-Young Caston

“Put an expiration date on your past." -Zakiyrah 

The author herself dropped some major sermons on us during the event, but one thing that she touched on that stood out to me the most was to LET GO. We're all guilty of holding on to past hurt for long periods of time and sometimes using that as an excuse as to why we cannot move forward. Zakiyrah opened up about some of her past struggles with her family and home life, then gave us some great advice on how to figure out the lessons from our hurt. Once we learn from it, we should grow from it. 

"Collaborate with friends in similar industries." -Lauren 

As cliché as it sounds, it is important for women to stick together despite our competitive nature. Lauren knows firsthand how difficult this can be because she is navigating her way through the world of media. She suggested to find a group of like-minded women who are willing to help and support each other. Additionally, she spoke on the power that prayer can have within a circle of women who share the common goal of fulfilling their purpose. Prayer changes things! 

"Failure is a part of the process." -Rachel

One thing that we tend to forget in life is that failure is not only inevitable, but it's necessary if want to reach (better yet, EXCEED) our maximum potential. As Rachel shared the challenges she faces as a young woman in a male-dominated industry, she reminded us that we should never beat ourselves up if we don't hit the mark every time. We only get one self, so we have to handle ourselves with care. 

“You are not in control... We do not write our own destiny.” -Chari

Who else is a control freak like me? Trust me, I get it and so does Chari! She shared with us the awesome story of how she and her husband shifted their life plan and began to pursue a life dedicated to travel and service to others. Now they both speak to people all over the world, asking them one question, "What inspires you the most about life and living?" Chari also loved to be in control of her life, but she eventually got to the point where she let go and let God. She encouraged us to do the same. 

"Acknowledge God and what we've already gotten through." -Lorelle

There was a point in the discussion when the moderator said the words above, and I remember feeling a sense of immediate comfort. Lorelle gave us a helpful tip when feeling discouraged: reflect on where you used to be and see just how far God has brought you. In life, we're always so focused on what's presently going wrong that we forget how much progress we've already made. I thought it was super inspiring that she shared that because it is a simple reminder to keep pressing forward with confidence.


As you can tell, Tea With HER was a much needed night out that refueled me for the week. I am so inspired by all of the young women who took part in the panel discussion, and I think it's incredible that we had the chance to hear about their unique journeys. The atmosphere of the event was also a plus - nothing but positive vibes! 

Be sure to check out Zakiyrah's website to learn more about her work as well as her products. Stay in the loop on future events by following her Instagram page