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This past Sunday, I had the privilege of attending the Glambitious Power Brunch hosted by Lillie Mae and Lillie Mae PR. Lillie Mae definitely delivered! Every detail of this event was flawless from the decor to the goodies we received. The purpose of this brunch was for "Glambitious" women to come together for an amazing networking experience. The room was filled with CEOs, students, and fashionistas! I had the opportunity to connect with women who work in fashion, media, marketing, and so much more. 

Lille Mae not only provided us with a delicious brunch, but she also gave us some food for the soul. She shared her journey with us and gave us life lessons to live by. She inspired us to do whatever it is that we dream of doing and to not let anything hold us back. If you have a vision, go for it!

I'll be on the lookout for the next Lillie Mae event; the Glambitious Power Brunch was definitely one for the books!