#LevelUpBrunch x Karen Civil

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Today, life was MADE! I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd annual Level Up Brunch hosted by Level Up University. This brunch featured one of my favorite female moguls, the one and only Karen Civil! The event was filled with ambitious and inspiring young women and men; the vibe was amazing! We started networking before we even stepped foot in the venue (which was the Cirque Daiquiri Bar and Grill in Atlanta), so you know this was my type of event!

As we indulged in delicious entrees, Karen took the stage and blew me away. She started by telling the story of her upbringing and the journey she took to get to where she is today. I wanted to share with you all some points of advice that she gave us.

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Let's begin with a quote from her mother that stood out to me the most; "You can be anything in the world...including yourself." Karen encouraged us to avoid trying to "fit in." If you are different, embrace it. She told us that she was considered a weird kid herself, so it took her awhile to actually find and accept herself. We all will experience this in life, so loving ourselves for who we truly are is the best way to cope.

People have a tough time accepting the fact that you are from the same place that they are, but you are advancing in life more than they are. Everyone that you grew up around is not going to have the same journey as you. She let us know that people will not always support you due to jealousy or simply being disappointed in their own lives, but it is okay. "Look straight and keep your eyes on the road ahead." 

"Don't sell yourself short." There were times when Civil could have doubted herself, but because she didn't, she was able to take chances that have led her to success. She reminded us to never tell ourselves "no" before we give someone else a chance to tell us "no." In other words, do not create obstacles for yourself.

Fear is one thing that holds us back from our destinies. "Don't be afraid." That phrase is in the Bible 365 times for a reason. By her saying those three simple words, it reminded me to never let fear prevent me from reaching my full potential.

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The last thing she said which is very important to her is that "we are currency." Think about it; if you crinkle or rip a dollar bill, it still has value. If we are like currency, then no matter how life crinkles us up or evens rips us apart, we cannot be devalued.

Karen Civil's words resonated with me on so many levels being that I am at a point in my life when my future seems kind of foggy. My path may seem all over the pace for now, but with the encouragement I received today, I know that I can achieve anything that I set my mind to (cliche, I know). So basically, this event was everything that I needed and more! I encourage you all to attend next year's brunch to see what you can take from this event. Follow Level Up University @levelupuniversity on social media as well as Karen Civil @KarenCivil so that she can inspire you the way she has inspired me!