Why is God Disposable?

You probably read the title and was like "what in the world?" Before you start to say, "OMG! God is never disposable," think about this: have you ever not given your all to God? (We all have, so your answer should be "yes" if you're being real.) Now think about this: has there every been someone in your life that you cannot let go of that might just be toxic to you? (I don't know your life story, but I'm sure this is a "yes" too, especially if you've ever been heartbroken.) 

In my last post, I've Kept God in My Back Pocket, I ended with this question: 

Why do you think it is so easy for us to leave God hanging as a friend and hard for us to let go of people in our life who we love, but may be toxic to us?

Why is God so disposable for us? After I typed that question, it really got me thinking that as humans, we really are shady towards God! How in the world is it so hard for us to let go of little Johnny that has broken our hearts time and time again, but it's so easy for us to forget about God (until we need something)? We spend the entire day thinking about someone, whether it is a friend, lover or loved one; who has hurt us and we do not do the same for the one guy who has NEVER betrayed us. Why is that?

I mean, God has NEVER, EVER left our side or broken our hearts. Like, NEVER. He literally has never forsaken us; we say that all the time, but have you ever really thought about that? It just amazes me how we allow a mere mortal to control our thoughts and hearts while we forget all about the only thing that can heal us from this hurt: GOD. Crazy, right? I guess this is because we are imperfect humans; however, we have to make it a point to not forget God. You know the same "but i just can't let Him go" feeling we have over a no good liar with a cute smile? Yea, we should probably feel the same way, but much stronger, about God. This will also help us to move on from the person who has a hold on us if we really shift our focus to God. 

I don't know about you, but I don't want my God, who has brought me over mountains and through all kinds of dark valleys, feeling like He's disposable (because honestly, where would I would be without Him...uhh nowhere). Little Johnny with his lying self will not get me into Heaven, only God can! Bye Johnny. 


Brittnee Miller from hello-brittnee.com offered this answer to the quesiton on my last post:

"I feel like it's so easy because God is always going to be there. As bad as that sounds, he's never going to leave us and some of us just uphold that and pull him out when we need to. It's hard to let go of those toxic people because a comfort zone has been built and trust + a relationship. We don't want to let go because we'd have to start over. I think the correlation is once the toxic people are gone, they are really gone. God will never leave us which is why we don't go as hard when we should."

What are you all's thoughts on this topic? Share below in the comment section!