What Insecure (Ep. 4) Taught Me About God’s Blessings

SPOILER ALERT: I will be discussing Episode 4 of Insecure in detail, so watch it…NOW! (It’s really good y’all.) 

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Insecure has given me so much life in only four short (and I mean SHORT) episodes! The latest episode entitled, “Fresh-Like,” really hit home for me. It confirmed something that has been on my mind for a week. Last Monday, I was in the mirror getting ready for work, and God spoke to me so clearly saying, “make room.” Those words have been on my heart ever since because I’ve recently been seeking God for certain things that I desire to happen in my life. 

I want to be transparent and say that not receiving the answers to my prayers has led to a little frustration. Sometimes I’m a bit frustrated with God – not mad, but just feeling like, “dang, can you help your daughter out in this area of her life just a little bit…please!” However, the majority of my frustration has been with myself. I’ve always felt that God hasn’t allowed these things to happen because there’s something that I’m not doing on my end. God knows what He wants us to have and literally has the blessings waiting in His hand for us, but He often needs us to put in some work to get those blessings. 

God let me know that for Him to pour His blessings into my life as He answers my prayers, I have to make room to accept them. 
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Let’s go back to Insecure for a second because I know you’re wondering how that even ties into this blog post. In this particular episode, we see Issa stepping into a new season in her life. She is walking away from Daniel FOR GOOD by moving out and letting him go romantically. She also made a BOLD move by leaving her job at We Got Y’all. 

She moved into her very own place with no Lawrence, no Daniel, NOBODY! She began a new part-time position as the apartment manager (y’all know her credit score was too jacked up to get an apartment any other way) and seemed to be on her way to pursuing a more fulfilling career. Let’s not forget that #LyftBae is back on the scene and seems very promising. 

Overall, Issa seems a lot more confident and very sure of herself. Most importantly, she has room in her life to receive all the blessings that God has for her along this new journey. She stripped her life of all the mess of her past and is starting fresh. 

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Sometimes, that’s all God needs from us. He wants us to be fully prepared to grab hold of the new opportunities He has in store, but how can we if we still have one hand on the things of the past? Letting go has always been something I’ve struggled with, but I know it’s necessary for growth. Remember how hard it was for Issa to let go of those old CDs and other nonsense that she had packed away from her old apartment? What I loved about this episode is that even though the items in the box were small compared to other things she let go of, she still made a point to place that box in the trash as a symbol of her new beginnings. It also symbolizes her freedom from people in her past, mistakes in her past, hurt in her past, etc. 

Now, I don’t have any old CDs to throw out, but I do have some old habits, old people and old ways of thinking that I need to dispose of immediately. I’m sure we all do! I’ve learned that what God has for us is so much better than what we’re trying to hold on to. It’s so hard to see it at first because we’re creatures of habit and it’s just more comfortable staying in familiar territory. However, if we truly want to LIVE to the fullest, we can’t be afraid to do some “spring cleaning” in our lives. So, I hear you, God. (I love how God uses our interests to speak to us sometimes because who would’ve thought Insecure would confirm His message to me.) 

It’s time to “make room” so God can begin a transformation.
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I am challenging myself to get on my “Issa” and start detoxing my life. I also challenge you to do the same thing. To avoid being overwhelmed with this process, I suggest making a list of things you know are holding you back from living freely and pray over that list. Ask God to help you rid your life of the whatever you listed. Yes, I said He wants us to do the work, but please know that we’re never alone in this – He’s always here to lend a helping hand! Once you begin purging the things on your list, take note of how you’re feeling, even if you have to journal through this experience. 

It’s important to remember that this process doesn’t have to happen in a few days like the show, so don’t pressure yourself to let go of everything overnight. (Insecure is 30 minutes long, not our life.) Take it in strides and watch beautiful blessings begin to unfold in your life!


As I pray throughout the day, I enjoy lifting others up in prayer. So, if you ever have any prayer requests, please feel free to reach out to me at hello@adashofmichaela.com. We’re all in this together!