Visualizing Your Vision + A Look at My Vision Board!

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When I was younger, I remember attending some sort of "girl power" event for one of the million things my mom had me involved in (love you mom, haha). At this event, I created my first vision board. On my vision board, I remember gluing pictures of cute boys, mansions, the latest cell phone, and some other things that every young girl fantasized about. While creating my board, I doubt that I fully understood what it meant to envision a life for myself in the future. In my young mind, cute boys and big houses were the key to living a happy life. Oh, to be young again!

Since then, I have created several other vision boards (mainly at events). Thinking about each vision board that I have made, I see how much my view on life has evolved. I've gone from envisioning a life with the cutest guy in the world to envisioning a life that will truly fulfill me spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially (umm, I didn't realize at a young age how REAL bills are). 

Why Create a Vision Board?

Vision boards are more than just finding cute pictures to place on a board for decoration. The process of creating one is intended to get you thinking about what you want out of life. Do you want a family? Do you want good health? You may want financial stability and to further your education. Whatever it is that you want, envision your life with it! Finding pictures and quotes is just a way to physically see your vision. It allows you to look at your vision each day, reminding yourself to take a step to achieving your vision. Looking through magazines and finding pictures that describe something that I want in life is so exciting to me because I can actually see what it is that I dream about. 

Also, it's fun! I am a very arts and crafts type of person. I love cutting things out and playing with glue (childish, I know) while getting creative. It is also fun to do this with others. Why do you think people host vision board parties?

My Vision Board

Here is the latest vision board I've created. Now, you may notice that mine is not glued down to a poster board. I chose to use a cork board and push pins for a very specific reason. As I grow older, my vision evolves. Last year when I first purchased this board and made it into a vision board, the biggest thing on my board was a picture of one of the stars of the Atlanta Hawks, Jeff Teague! Can't blame a girl for dreaming, right? I recently changed some things around (replacing his picture with a cute puppy haha). In just one year, my dreams for my life had shifted a little. Even some of the quotes that I placed on my board no longer reflected the life that I now want to live. Because of this, I am glad I use a cork board and push pins so I can change things around as needed. 

My vision board isn't complete (I ran out of magazines!), but it shows my desire for my career, my emotional state, and my overall vision for the next 5 years. Make a vision board and watch how much it motivates you to take steps for your future! 


Do you have a vision board that you want to share? Tweet me a pic @adashofmichaela! 
What's your vision for 2016?