Time to Recharge: Part One

For all of my busy bodies who can’t seem to sit down until life forces you to, this is for you.

I am tired, drained, worn out…all of the above…mentally AND physically.

As some of you may know, I am in grad school and doing a list of other things that keep me busy. Last month, I was on a short break from school. It was my plan to create new content and do a list of other things that would build my brand since I don’t have school to focus on right now. Out of all of the things I had planned to do, about 40% of it is complete…

At first, I felt horrible about not achieving a lot of my goals for that month and not even creating new content for my blog. There’s this lack of motivation that I just can’t shake. HOWEVER, I realized that this may be have been just what I needed. Maybe I needed a few weeks to move slowly and accomplish almost nothing.

Yes, it sounds crazy because we are living in a world where everyone tells you that you have to grind, grind, grind. You have to keep pushing and pushing because success doesn’t wait for anyone. You have to work from sun up to sun down because there’s always a coin to be collected.

Now, I am all for that, but no one really talks about taking a break. We don’t see much talk about taking a minute to do nothing. So, we feel bad when we do have those moments. We feel bad when our minds and bodies just can’t do anything. Personally, it makes me feel very unproductive, but I know it’s my mind and body telling me to slow down…or just stop altogether. After all, I do have to maintain a level of sanity to be successful, right?

So, if you’re feeling in a funk like I am, that’s okay. When you’re a hard worker, this kind of moment happens whether we like it or not. Just try not to push yourself too hard because you’re trying to get out of it. Embrace this moment and get some rest.

Recharge your body so that when this passes, you’ll be 100% ready to get back to it!

In my next post, I’ll discuss some ways to recharge that will allow you to rest while countering that dreadful unproductive feeling that sneaks up on us. Stay tuned!