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The Millionaire Mogul: Dr. Jewel Tankard's Gems on Financial & Entrepreneurial Prosperity

When it comes to financial literacy and entrepreneurial success, Dr. Jewel Tankard is an expert and has the knowledge that will help you take your brand to the next level! You may recognize...

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The Jet Jones Foundation: Taking Flight from the Court to the Community

Now and then, I have the pleasure of meeting people who have incredibly inspirational stories about how they are striving to better the lives of many. Atlanta native and professional basketball player, DeQuan Jones, is one of them...

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#AFROPUNKATL: A Weekend of Beautiful Melanin + Powerful Black Culture

This weekend, I got my life on so many levels! I attended AFROPUNK Festival in Atlanta and it was LIFE. Like, literally there is no other way to describe it. The festival consisted of so many facets of black culture from art to music to fashion...

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