Spring Cleaning Time!

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Time for another pointless story that I am going to make into something deep, haha!

So, I have this moisturizer by Clinque that I have used all the way down to the last drop. However, instead of throwing it away, I have been holding on to it for whatever reason. I guess I just wanted it to stay on my counter so that it appeared that I still had some left. Us girls tend to do things like that from time to time. A day ago, I finally threw it away because I realized that it was just taking up space on my counter.  

Then, of course, I had a thought: is there anything else that may be taking up space that I need to throw away? That led me to clean out my drawers in my room. Then, of course, I had another thought that was much deeper: is there anything in my LIFE that is taking up space that I need to throw away? Now, how did I go from throwing away moisturizer to reevaluating my life? If you know anything about me, then you know I can turn the most irrelevant situations into the most thought-provoking moments! 

Just like old beauty products and old clothes, we love to hold onto people and situations that are just taking up space in our lives.

We do not like letting go of things that were once of value to us because of the memories and feelings that are connected to them.

It's hard to accept that certain aspects of our lives are absolutely empty now and we no longer have any use for them. Much like my reasoning for holding on to my (rather expensive) moisturizer, we hold on to things just to say that they are still there. We want to feel the presence of certain people even though we know they do not add a single speck of value to our lives. We want to hold onto past situations just to feel some level of comfort instead of moving forward. 

Time to do some spring cleaning! In order for us to get a fresh start in life, we have to clean house. Remember those past relationships that caused you so much pain, but you're still holding on to the person who caused it? Let them go. Remember that situation that happened umpteen years ago that still has you tied down? Let it go. Inhale the courage to let go and exhale everything that is holding you back. Living a life without taking time to remove dead situations and relationships is like a chained slave trying to escape. Letting go is essential to living a life of pure bliss. So, let's get to cleaning!