Spring Cleaning: Decluttering to Refocus

Clear your stuff. Clear your mind.-2.png

Around this time in 2016, I wrote a blog post entitled "Spring Cleaning Time!" In this post, I discussed the importance of letting go of the things and people that are taking up unnecessary space in our lives. Now two years later, I found that I needed to do some more "spring cleaning." 

When I wrote the original post, I was a college senior who was about to walk across the stage - I was planning to begin my life as a full-blown adult! So, it was extremely important for me to do a slight "life purge" because I couldn't take that step while holding onto all of the baggage that I was carrying. Presently, I am in a similar space. Although I am not preparing to graduate this time around, I can still feel that God is getting ready to elevate me to a new phase of my purpose. I understand that when God is getting ready to move you up, He needs your undivided attention, which requires you to eliminate anything that could potentially distract you.

Since I was a child, I have always been super involved in various activities and much like the busybodies who raised me, I have always been on the go. This can be a blessing AND a curse. Because I have a hard time sitting down and saying "no" to certain things, my plate is always overflowing. I also acknowledge that I hold onto people longer than I should. We always hear that people have seasons in our lives; some are meant to be there for the duration of your life while others have shorter seasons in our lives. I have a bad habit of keeping people around past the end of their season...

Knowing this, I had to make a tough decision on what and who I was going to allow to remain in my space. God always gives us a heads up when it's time for us to make room for what He has in store for us. A lot of times we ignore that warning, and we end up blocking the blessings and lessons that were in line for us. We delay new opportunities when there's too much clutter around us.

That's when it's time to do some spring cleaning!

As hard as it was, I had to walk away from a lot recently to position myself for God's new blessings. Pumping the brakes on what you've become accustomed to is never ideal (in our minds) nor is it an easy transition. However, it's necessary to evaluate every portion of your life now and then to see what needs to go for you to make room for growth. So, you can say that I am in the process of "decluttering."

Decluttering to refocus.

In this new season, I need to be completely alert and ready for whatever God is about to do, so there can't be anything around me that could potentially hinder me from receiving His instructions on what to do next. My challenge to you is to do a self-check and figure out what is considered "clutter" in your life. Is it a position that you're no longer growing in? Is it a friend or significant other that you're no longer growing with? It can even be as complex as a mentality that's no longer growing you... Whatever you find the clutter to be, BEGIN TO REMOVE IT. I'm not saying the process of decluttering is simple and will happen overnight, but you can start taking steps to separate yourself from whatever you're holding on to that doesn't need to be there anymore. 

Decluttering leads to freedom, freedom leads to clarity and clarity leads to new beginnings. Free yourself from what's holding you back and watch God push you forward! 


What's one step that you can take this week to begin decluttering your life? Comment below!