In 2017, shoot your shot. 

There is something that is constantly burning on your mind; something that you are itching to go after, but something’s stopping you. Whether it is a career, a new venture, a significant other … we all have that “thing” that we desire, but either we’re afraid or we simply don’t know how to pursue it. The “how” isn’t always clear, but we must at least take a step towards getting that “thing.” We must shoot our shot. 

If you’re like me, you have this dream that most don’t necessarily understand. There are opportunities out there that will allow you to pursue this dream … but you’re afraid. You’re afraid of failure. You’re afraid of rejection. You’re afraid of disappointment or even disappointing those around you. That’s normal, BUT those things are going to hold you back from living the life that you truly want to live. Sometimes we must step out on faith and go for it!  

I challenge you (AND myself) to put a stop to doubt and fear NOW. That job you want, apply for it. That career path you want to pursue, figure out the steps required and make a move. That school you want to attend, complete the application. That organization you want to start, go ahead and START it. (And hey, that person you've been eyeing … ASK THEM OUT *wink wink.*) 

2017 is not the year to be hesitate about going after dreams. 

No one is going to hand you anything. No one is going to create the life you want for yourself. No one is going to ask you what you want. YOU have to go get it! (Let me say it louder for those of you in the back.) YOU. HAVE. TO. GO. GET. IT. 

So pray about it, trust God, then SHOOT YOUR SHOT. What are you waiting for?


"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -Wayne Gretzky