Prioritizing Fun as an Act of Self-Care [Weekend Recap]

If you know me, then you know how much I love Hey Fran Hey and the entire crew on The Friend Zone podcast! During one of their recent episodes, Fran used her Wellness Segment to discuss the one thing that we tend to forget to do in our everyday lives: prioritizing fun.

I can admit that I haven’t always carved out time in my schedule to have pure fun. Between working and going to school, I would have to force some fun time into my schedule. Now that I am finished with school, I do have a lot more free time to let my hair down now and then! Since I’ve made this a priority in my life, I’ve noticed a big shift in my mood and my energy.

It wasn’t until I listened to Fran’s Wellness Segment that I realized fun IS an act of self-care. I think we typically think of self-care as just long bubble baths with candles, tea time with a good read or a relaxing afternoon of sleep. While all of those are excellent ways to unwind and recenter, having fun is just as important!

Whether you’re having a night out with friends, going to brunch (because bottomless mimosas are always a good idea), or taking yourself shopping, HAVE FUN!

Weekend Recap


Of course, I have to practice what I preach, so I planned out some fun time for myself last weekend! My weekend started with drinks at Cooks & Soldiers with a new blogger friend who I met via Instagram. This was our first time meeting, so it was great having a light evening discussing blogging and our lives as young creatives. After drinks, I went to my friend’s birthday dinner at bartaco and had a chance to catch up with our friend group from college. We only see each other a few times a year, so it was great spending time with them. From there, we went to another birthday gathering and ended the night with games at my place!

On Saturday, I rested! My Friday night wore me out, so my self-care was to spend the day napping and watching movies. (That’s all the fun I needed after a long night, haha.)

Sunday was such a cute day which started with church, followed by a very blogger-ish afternoon. I met up with the same blogger from Friday night and my other friend/big sister who is also a blogger. We spent the afternoon in Lenox Square at The Winky Lux Experience Store getting some shots in and enjoying the girly vibes of the store.

Let me take a moment to plug Winky Lux because if you haven’t experienced it yet, you HAVE to go! At the store, they give you a tour of nine themed rooms where you can play around with props and get some cute visuals. Our amazing tour guide, Austin, made our tour even better than we imagined it would be with his humor and sweet spirit (ask for him if you go and tell him I sent you).

Not only did we get a lot of great content at the store, but we also left with some awesome products! The cost of the tour is $10, BUT that is a credit that will go towards your purchase.

Sunday night, I watched more movies and enjoyed some cheesecake - perfect way to end my weekend!

Schedule Some Fun!

To be high-functioning, emotionally stable human beings (yes, it’s that serious), we need moments of laughter and fun conversation. It’s literally up there with food and water, lol! :) I’m not saying you have to spend a lot of money or do multiple things in one weekend, but as long as you make an effort to add fun things to your list of to-dos, you’ll see improvements in every aspect of your life. Ever heard of the phrase, “laughter is good for the soul?” It is! You need a healthy balance of work, rest AND fun in order to live your life to the fullest.


Here’s a common first date question, haha: what do you do for fun? Share below!