#MentalFitnessTalk: 6 Must-Have Apps That Promote Mental Wellness


It's the first day of May which is also Mental Health Awareness Month, so I'm kicking it off by reviving my #MentalFitnessTalk series! Focusing more on our mental well-being is rarely at the top of our to-do list, but thanks to technology, this is becoming a lot easier. Let's talk about how your mobile device gives you so much access to FREE and low-cost mental health resources.

Here are 6 must-have apps that promote mental wellness:


The Shine app is an interactive app that was created from Shine Text, a service that sends you daily inspirational text messages. The app takes the daily text a few steps further by sending the text messages within the app and giving you a more in-depth motivational message (this even includes detailed blog posts). Shine also has cool features like "Mindful Moments" (mini meditations), self check-ins and more.



This app is one of my favorites because it was an idea that two teen siblings, Charlie and Hannah Lucas, birthed after the sister began to face mental health battles of her own. notOK allows you to reach out to family and friends for support during your time of need by sending a text message that includes your GPS location with just a push of the "notOK" button. It is a discrete and simple way to alert your pre-selected contacts that you are not in the best mental state. 



If you're interested in meditation, the Calm app is perfect for you! This app allows you to customize your mediation experience with different soothing sounds, daily guides, sleep stories and more. If you want to dive deeper into you meditation journey, check out the masterclasses that are available within the app. 


The Language of Letting Go

The Language of Letting Go: Daily Meditations on Codependency by Melody Beattie is actually a daily meditation book that is available in the form of an app. The app sends you notifications to read the meditation for the day, so this is another great platform that reminds you to feed your brain with positivity everyday. The author provided tools for practicing self-care and included affirmations at the end of each meditation.



ThinkUp is another interactive app that provides you with affirmations. The cool part is that you can even record your own affirmations and it'll play it back over relaxing music or music of your choice. This app is also great for meditating or just starting your day off with some reminders to conquer your day.



Espyr is a behavioral health company that provides human performance services and resources to employees and students. I want to encourage everyone to check in with your employer or school (or send an online request) to see if you are eligible for the Espyr Employee/Student Assistance Program because a lot of companies and schools offer Espyr services through their benefits packages. If you are eligible, you can download the app and receive many free resources including Immediate Assistance for emergency needs and Self-Help Packets for mental wellness education.


Wellness Tip: Almost every college, university and technical school offers mental wellness services that are included in your tuition. Look into what your school provides because you could potentially receive individual/group therapy, psychiatric evaluations and/or access to mediation rooms/groups.

Do you currently use any of the apps listed above or know of others that have helped you? Tell me about your experience!