Connected Through Sisterhood x Melanin Dipped


*Photos by Aaron Laserna


1.     a:  the state of being a sister

       b:  sisterly relationship

2.    a community or society of sisters; especially, a society of women in a religious order

3.    the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns

There is nothing more powerful than a group of women who support and uplift one another. As a woman, it is so beneficial to be connected to other likeminded women who are there when you need them. I know it sounds cliché, but power women really do empower women.

Recently, I attended an event that reminded of this. It was an anniversary celebration for Melanin Dipped, an organization that focuses on “nurturing the souls of black women through honest dialogue while providing tools to reinforce the importance of self-love, self-care and sisterhood.” Y’all…that statement alone should tell you how amazing and NEEDED this group is. It was started by three phenomenal women (Jordyn, Kiara and Nia) who wanted to create a space that would connect other phenomenal women to one another.

(L-R) Kiara, Jordyn & Nia - the founders of MD

(L-R) Kiara, Jordyn & Nia - the founders of MD


The event was super dope because it incorporated their three main focuses (mentioned above) with various activities. The one that stuck out to me the most was the sisterhood portion where we engaged in a “speed dating” type of exercise. Basically, we each asked and answered questions from a jar to get to know the other girls – much like speed dating, we had to switch to a new person after a few minutes.

In the short amount of time it took to complete this activity, I realized more than ever before how amazing women are and how much we need each other to continue to grow. I did not know many of the young ladies, but I walked out feeling so connected to them. You just never know who can relate to you or who can uplift you. This event helped me to develop a deeper appreciation for the “sisters” I have in my life.

My hope is that women everywhere let go of the catty, “reality TV” perspective of how a group of women should engage with one another (*rolls eyes*). Instead, I want more of us to build healthy relationships with other women who share common interests, beliefs, goals, etc. It feels so good to have people around you to encourage you, pour positivity into you, learn with you, grow with you and simply say, “sis, I’m here.”

Needless to say, I am hereeee for Melanin Dipped and other groups with similar goals. Women are powerful forces, so why not be even more powerful together?