May You Always Hear "Congratulations"


Let the celebration begin.

As I stated in my post It's My Winning Season, we are in our season of wins. No more pity parties for the obstacles that we're facing. It's time to rejoice despite the storms of life, and celebrate the good that is and the good that's to come. For one, you're obviously alive which means one thing...GOD IS NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!

We all have purpose and God is still using you to fulfill that purpose if there's breath in your body. So, celebrate that! 

We should also consider what God is preparing us for in the future. Shift your perspective and think about life this way: if we're taking L's left and right, then that's only a sign that God is molding us for a huge breakthrough. We can't appreciate the wins in life if we don't go through a few losses first because nothing that comes easy is worth having.

"Turned all my L's into lessons." -Chance the Rapper

Whatever you're going through, just know it's not the end and that if you hold on to God's promises, you'll see brighter days soon. Let's affirm this now. That job's already in the works. That college's already signed and ready to hang on the wall. That financial's already on it's way to your bank account. That's already working within your body. Even that bae you're been praying for...he or she is already praying for you too.

So, I guess it's safe to say congratulations on your wins! They are already on the way, so keep praying and pushing. 

"May the word 'CONGRATULATIONS' be said to you repeatedly throughout the remaining 9 months of this year." - @Duchess_Tweets


Self-Care Tip:

Throw a mini celebration for yourself and your friends! You can go all out with decorations, food and music OR you could do a simple dinner. The idea is to get together and celebrate each other with uplifting words and a fun atmosphere. This is the perfect way to relax after a long week.