Influence 101 Event-When Dope Creatives Come Together



I've literally been on a high from this past weekend. Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to work with some AMAZING ladies to execute an event that connected bloggers to some popular brands in the city. Influence 101: Connecting Bloggers to Brands was a collaborative effort with the Atlanta region of Black Bloggers United and Curlfluence.

The entire experience was super dope from the planning process to the day of the event. 

(L-R) Our panelists Michelle. Nadja & Megs

(L-R) Our panelists Michelle. Nadja & Megs

The event consisted of a networking mixer as well as a panel with brands and bloggers that dropped some serious GEMS! Our panelists were Michelle, founder of Curlfluence and Modernly Michelle (she's the one who actually helped my BBU co-director and I plan the event, kudos to her); Megs, founder of Meeting With Megs, and Nadja, founder of Femme Noire. We discussed everything from the things brands are looking for when choosing bloggers to work with to the dos and don'ts of pitching brands. Each of the panelists gave so much insight into what it takes to become a thriving influencer who is aware of the importance of building an authentic relationship with brands. 

(L-R) Megs, Yours Truly, Nadja, Courtney (BBU Co-Regional Director) & Michelle

(L-R) Megs, Yours Truly, Nadja, Courtney (BBU Co-Regional Director) & Michelle

I must say I enjoyed being in a room filled with creative minds who are eager to take their businesses and/or blogs to the next level.

The world of creatives can sometimes get extremely competitive and catty, so it's nice to have moments of making genuine connections and learning from successful individuals. This event reminded me that when creative people come together, the amount of magic that can be made is limitless!


Check out some of the shots that Curlfluence captured during the event!