God, Brunch + Sisterhood: A Sunday Well Spent

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday brunch with some close friends on a beautiful Spring day?!

Yesterday, I hosted my second Bible study! I was joined by a group of friends that I met while I was in college who have become my spiritual sisters. We shared an intimate afternoon of good food, good mimosas (virgin, of course, lol) and good girl talk. The theme of the Bible study was “Setting ‘God Goals,’” so we discussed the importance of putting God in the center of EVERYTHING you do and aligning your plans with His will.

After kicking off with a fun icebreaker, we all opened up about our experiences with failed goals and the disappointments we faced when we didn’t include God in our goal setting (whew, I’m sure everyone can relate). Our Bible study turned into girl talk time which led to us bonding spiritually! We then completed passion road maps together (an idea from the Passion Planner) which gave us a chance to seek God on what plans He would like for us to work on in this season and allowed us to create a vision for our lives overall.


To end the afternoon on a positive note, we had a balloon release which symbolized us releasing everything that held us back from accomplishing our goals in the past. (Sorry Earth, I’ll have a more eco-friendly activity next time lol.) I must say, everything from start to finish was beyond amazing to me!

BUT, it almost didn’t happen…

Last summer, I hosted my first Bible study at one of my favorite brunch spots. It went well; however, I experienced a spiritual attack like no other in the days to follow. I remember feeling so heavy that evening and I couldn’t shake it during the following week. During this time, I reached out to my aunt and my best friend who are both pastors to seek advice on how to get through this. They both told me that because hosting a Bible study is a form of ministry; the enemy is going to attack. Although God got me through this period and I learned a lot about what it means to carry His word into the world (no matter how small or big the platform is), I still felt discouraged when I had thoughts of having another one.

I spent the last part of 2018 and even the beginning of this year disobeying God’s assignment to host another one. I finally said, “Okay God, you got it.” The days leading up to this past Sunday, I felt so nervous and anxious, even though it’s just some close friends who were coming. Despite this feeling, I stayed prayed up and trusted God to use me as a vessel - He did that AND more!

I say all of this to say, spiritual attacks are signs that you’re on the right track. The enemy doesn't find the fun in bothering us when we’re already not doing anything positive with our lives. He wants to grab us when we’re doing God’s work. It’s up to us to hold onto God even more than ever and trust Him for the strength to withstand every storm. I almost failed this test, but thank God for giving me another chance to try again!

If there is something that doubt and fear are trying to hold you back from, do it anyway. God only needs us to START, and He’ll make a way for it to come together. Don’t let the enemy win, y’all! He’s out here working, but our God ALWAYS works harder - never forget that.


God moved through the room yesterday, and we realized that we’re all connected in more ways than one. I thank Him for placing this idea on my heart and giving me the push that I needed to get it done. My “God goal” for my Bible study is simple - host another one and keep it going. I’m looking forward to seeing where God takes me with this goal!

*Picks up flute filled with a virgin mimosa*

Cheers to a Sunday well spent!


What do you do when you feel spiritually attacked? Share in the comments below!