Goal Setting for the New Year + FREE Download

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In my last post, I admitted that I didn't kick start my year the way that I intended to. However, I promised myself that at the start of this new week, I WILL begin working on my 2017 goals, motivated or not.  

Most of us have already planned out our goals for the new year, which is awesome. Even if you haven’t, it’s not too late to start (just remember that the longer you wait, the harder it will be to achieve them).

Goal-setting is the key to starting the new year off right.

In the past, I would make a list of my goals (some were very generic) … and that’s it. Although, I have accomplished a lot of them, I want to be more intentional about everything that I want for myself. This means setting more clear-cut goals and making a timeline for when I would like to achieve them. I am also focusing on setting more realistic goals for myself. When I made vision boards in the past, I would add everything from a house to a husband to having billions of dollars on my board. While all of this is attainable (in Jesus’ name *waves hand*), I now focus more on what I can realistically achieve in the upcoming year. (Now, if God wants to bless me with all of those things this year, who am I to question it? Haha.)

By developing goals that are concise and attainable for the year, you are forcing yourself to get a lot more serious about working towards these goals … especially when there is a timeline involved. Seeing your deadlines will hold you accountable because if you’re like me, you HATE missing ANY kind of deadline.

To make goal-setting easier, I created a goal-setting worksheet that can be used to thoroughly plan out each of your goals (or at least your top goals). This worksheet is designed to help you clearly map out specific goals for yourself by outlining what the goal is, why it’s important to you, how you plan to achieve it and when you plan to have it achieved by. Click below to download your FREE goal-setting worksheet! 

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Let’s make 2017 count!