#DearMichelle: My Open Letter to Our Queen, FLOTUS + GIVEAWAY (closed)

Dear First Lady Michelle Obama,

Thank you.

Thank you for showing us what it truly means to be the First Lady of the United States.

 Thank you for exuding all of the great qualities that a First Lady should possess. You held this position with integrity and class; no one could have done it any better.  I am amazed by the way you grace a room with your presence, the way you speak so eloquently no matter what topic is being addressed. You have handled every situation, good and bad, with such grace and you have yet to let anyone see you sweat. You have left us all in awe time after time again. 

Thank you for tackling some very important issues. In only four years, you have taught America so much in regards to healthy living, gender equality, literacy and so much more. You used your platform to make a difference and change lives; because of you, America has experienced a large amount of growth in many aspects. You spent the entire term working to educate us and better us with your initiatives. I appreciate that you have even committed yourself to furthering your work beyond the close of your term because you are needed!

Thank you for inspiring Black girls, like me, and proving that we can rise to the top. You have been an incredible role model who has given us a greater sense of hope. So many young girls have watched you and now realize that they, too, can succeed when going after their goals. You've sprinkled your Black Girl Magic all over and we are here for it. Because of you, America will now have to watch out because Black girls are going to levitate even higher now! Yes we can and yes we will

Thank you for slaying our lives these last 8 years! Madam First Lady, you SLAYYYYEEEDDDD *3 snaps in a circle*! America patiently awaited your arrival to every event because we knew that you were going to steal the show. Whether you floated so elegantly around a room while wearing a beautiful gown or you danced with so much joy in a casual fit, you were killing it! Not to mention, your fabulous magazine features have broken the internet numerous times. Your flawless hair, makeup and attire only compliments the true beauty that you already possess. And honey, that melanin, yasssss! I will forever address you as First Lady Michelle "I Slay, All Day" Obama! 

Gif from   Tumblr  .

Gif from Tumblr.

You are...Timeless. Classic. Forever. Iconic. *DJ Khaled voice* Through it all, you have remained humble and have allowed God's light to shine through you. I can confidently say that there will NEVER be another woman to run that White House quite like you. You are #GOALS. We thank you and we love you. You will forever be our Queen, FLOTUS!

With much love & slay,

Michaela "Michelle Taught Me" Carter


Photo from   HouseOfHillary.com .

Photo from HouseOfHillary.com.

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