Dear 2019: Let's Try This Again!

Y’all…2019 has been rough ALREADY. Let’s take a moment to pause and breathe because whew…

Re-calibrating after a rough start to the new year is important.


To be completely transparent, January has hit me like a ton of bricks. I have experienced so much stress within the last few weeks from various aspects of my life that I was done with 2019 altogether, haha. However, I was reminded through a message from the Saved in the City app that if I surrender it all to God, my ENTIRE life, He will fix it all. With that reminder, I have been encouraged to keep going - to not give up on God, to not give up on myself, and to not give up on 2019.

It’s okay to admit that your year hasn’t started on a good note; it happens. The most important thing to remember is that with each new day, God is giving us a fresh start. Don’t think that 2019 can’t be your year, but thank God that the year is just beginning which means there’s still time to make this your best year yet.

I believe that sometimes we like to jump right into a new year, starting to work on our goals, and we expect everything to run smoothly. But the reality is, life be “life-ing!” Stuff happens, and that is OKAY. I used to get so discouraged when my life didn’t pan out the way I expected it to, but I had to remind myself that everything happens for a reason.


I should trust God with my all.

Because of this, I am committed to remaining hopeful that this will be MY year, and then every year after this will also be MY year. I am committed to putting God first and giving him my “yes.” This post is just a quick reminder that we’re only in the beginning stages of 2019, so if it has been rough for you, just keep going - the best is yet to come. Life is hard, but God works harder to ensure that we will prevail.

Take a moment to rest, recharge and reset. Clear your mind, and try meditating on His word to fill your mind with His promises. Then honey, pick up your things and keep it pushing! Let 2019 know that you may have had a late start, but you’re coming for everything you deserve! You have to keep claiming it and believe it until you see it. Thank God for new beginnings and fresh starts!


To bring in some positivity, what has been the highlight of your January? For me, I received some great news this month about something that has been weighing on me for over a year! Won’t He do it?!

Share yours below!