Chapter 22: What This Birthday Taught Me

On August 9, 1994 around 2:40 (something) PM, a star entered this world! Haha :)

Today is my 22nd birthday and my most humbling birthday EVER! I woke up finding myself being more appreciative of life than ever before. So many people are dying and getting sick at such a young age. So many people in their 20's are living lives of constant struggles and uphill battles. I thank God for not only allowing me to see another year, but for allowing me to be healthy, happy, and in a good space in life.

We must take the time to appreciate what God has done for us because someone else has it much worse.

You may not have all of the money you want, the job you want, the clothes you want, etc. You may not even feel the best health-wise, BUT just think of where you could be in life and how many times God has blocked certain tragedies from happening to you. 

Take a moment to just think about all of the good things that are happening in your life instead of focusing on those two or three bad things that you're dealing with. You are blessed. We are all blessed. Realize that now and don't wait until it's too late! 


P.S. IT'S MY BIRTHDAYYYYY (just in case you missed that part, haha)! 

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