Can You Pay My Bills?

Not too long ago, I had a discussion with some of my friends about a Facebook status that one of our peers posted. I am not going to be petty and post a screenshot of the status, haha, but it basically talked about how your boyfriend should be able to get your hair and nails done, provide you with food and contribute to your bills. If they can't, then you shouldn't be with them. 

This was kind of interesting to me because I just never thought that having a man doing those things for me was a requirement and that if he can't, I shouldn't even waste my time with him. (Now don't get me wrong, I'm here for a guy bringing me food, haha.) Realistically, since I am 22, they guys I interact with will be around my age; therefore, I do not expect anyone in their early 20's to provide anything for me financially because I understand we are all trying to establish our careers, obtain degrees, etc. I honestly don't expect that from anyone because I can do those things myself (and if I can't, I have family who can pitch in). Being an adult ain't cheap, so that is a lot to ask of someone who is a "new inductee" into adulthood. So, it's interesting to me that my peers feel that a guy should provide those things to someone who is just their girlfriend. 

Let's be clear. I think it is super sweet for a guy to want to do nice things for his girlfriend and vice versa. I mean, who doesn't like being pampered every now and then? However, I personally think that having a guy provide money for my hair, nails and bills should be a requirement in a relationship. Getting my hair and nails done ins't even a requirement for my life...and bills, come on. That is asking way to much of a guy that you're not even married to. (I get sometimes we fall on hard times and our significant others want to help out, but if they do, take it as a blessing not something that he should do because he's your boyfriend.

If he can afford to shower you with financial blessings, then hey, do you. I just don't think we should expect someone to provide for us when we should be doing that ourselves or with the help of FAMILY. Maybe it is just me, but I think our generation is too temporary to be accepting financial contributions from them. A lot of guys (and honestly, women too) these days only do these things to make them feel like more of a man and not so much because they actually care about you. We have to be careful because a lot times they will even throw it back in your face if the relationship turns sour. I will never forget that a "boy" I wasted my time with in high school gave me $5 to go to Sonic one day and once he was mad at me, he wanted to rub it in my face (as if I could not pay him back with more plus interest *rolls eyes*). I know that was high school, but a lot of people are still like this, so imagine having them pay a bill...

In my opinion, our generation values the wrong things and looks at relationships in a materialistic way.

I think we should seek to find someone who provides for us emotionally, spiritually and can stimulate us intellectually. Those are the aspects of a relationship that hold it together, not money. Also, let's be real...if you're in your twenties, do you honestly want to spend your funds on taking care of another human that's not your child? I know I don't and if I were a guy, I doubt I would either. I think we should focus less on what a man can do for us financially and more on how he can provide to our minds...our souls. 


Comment below and tell me your thoughts on this. (All opinions will be respected.)