#MentalFitnessTalk: AmeriKKKa Will Not Tear Us Apart

Photo from  The Huffington Post .

It does not seem real.

It feels like we are in the longest episode of Punk’d ever (Ashton, feel free to make your appearance at any point now). It feels like we were involuntarily picked to appear in a new reality show. It feels like we are having a nightmare and experiencing sleep paralysis – we are kicking and screaming, but NO ONE can hear us.

I have tried to wrap my head around this entire thing, and I STILL don’t think I will ever fully understand how this even happened. How did MY country manage to take this big of an “L?” 

I do know that this experience is happening for a reason.

Trust me; we are not suffering in vain. It is clear that this entire election was needed to remind us all that there is still a LOT of work that needs to be done. The fight should not have stopped or even slowed down just because we have been able to live (somewhat) comfortably. This will be a tough four years to get through, but I am hopeful that this will prompt more of us to become more involved and educated so that we can create change within our communities.

With that being said, this task will NOT be easy to do in any aspect … especially emotionally and mentally. To come out of this stronger than before, we have to take care of ourselves so that we remain mentally fit at all times.

Watching the news, reading my news app, looking at Twitter’s political trends – it’s all very draining. My news app sends notifications almost every 10 minutes, and the headlines always say something about the crazy things that Trump is doing. In ONE WEEK, he has managed to flip the U.S. upside down, with the help of his uneducated and inexperienced administration. Being surrounded by Trump news on a daily basis is already mentally draining, and it hasn’t even been a full second since he’s been in office …

… y’all. 

In the midst of all of the chaos, we will find it hard to remain sane. Nevertheless, we must remember to take time out of our schedules to center and to check on those around us. Give yourself a break now and then from social media and the news. Find quiet time throughout the day to breathe and relax. Talk out your feelings with friends, family, church members, etc. Cry it out. Hug it out. Repeat daily affirmations that will empower you throughout the day. Take you a minute or two WHENEVER you need to. Our minds are working overtime to process all of the turmoil and hatred that we are facing right now. Therefore, we must make it a point to refuel to stay healthy.

Being in shape mentally is not only the key to a healthy life, but also to being resilient despite adversity. Our history of constant agony and distress makes us prone to having poor mental health, even if we don’t realize it.

This isn’t the time for our minds to deteriorate. It will be difficult to refresh our minds during this storm, but just like everything else we’ve dealt with, we WILL make it through. This president, his administration, his supporters, all of the racists, all of the bigots, everyone and anyone who is trying to divide this country while bringing down those who they feel are inferior … NONE OF THEM will tear us apart. We just have to pray, believe, fight and stay sharp through it all! 

God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. – Psalm 46:1


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