#AFROPUNKATL: A Weekend of Beautiful Melanin + Powerful Black Culture


This weekend, I got my life on so many levels! I attended AFROPUNK Festival in Atlanta and it was LIFE. Like, literally there is no other way to describe it. The festival consisted of so many facets of black culture from art to music to fashion...it was EVERYTHING. This was my first time going and I only went on Saturday, but from that one day, I can tell that the entire weekend was a fun time. Here's a breakdown of what AFROPUNK brought to Atlanta this weekend:


AFROPUNK is literally a HUGE party that goes on for hours. Soooo many artists performed, so you definitely get your money's worth. A few of the artists that were there throughout the weekend were SZA, Big Freedia, Gallant, St. Beauty, LION BABE and y'all like a thousand other artists (I'm exaggerating, but it was a lot haha). On Saturday, my fav ABRA performed and KILLED IT. I also saw Tyler the Creator, All Cows Eat Grass, DJ Hourglass and a few others. Each performance was beyond amazing and I kinda want to see each of them perform again! I linked all of the artists mentioned so you guys can check them out if you haven't already!


The Bites & Beats Food Festival is its own event that took place within AFROPUNK. It's basically a food truck and pop-up restaurant fest that features all kinds of foods from different places around the world. I didn't eat anything (because for whatever reason I wasn't hungry that day), but everything smelled and looked delicious, haha. You can check out the food trucks and pop-up restaurants that were featured here, but one that I heard the most about was Flaming Wok.

A piece on police brutality. 

A piece on police brutality. 


O. M. G. The art y'all. So, I've always loved art, but AFROPUNK definitely increased my love for art by 1000%! Art is beautiful, but BLACK ART...incredible, breath-taking, just OMG! There were so many pieces that captured what it means to be people of color in today's society and I was moved on so many levels. You could literally feel the passion and the story behind each piece; I was definitely inspired and empowered by all of the art that was showcased. There was art featured from various artists including some Atlanta notables.


The SPINTHRIFT Market featured items from some of Atlanta's best makers. From beautiful African-inspired pieces by Diaspora Africa to the best Shea Butter products from Pure Shea Store, the SPINTHRIFT Market had it ALL. My friends and I met a couple of the vendors and hearing about their brands was pretty dope. Support black businesses y'all!


Once again, life was given. The reason why I love AFROPUNK so much is because you see all types of people and their style. My people came to slay this weekend! This is that one event that you can just go to looking however you want and express yourself in any way possible. The hair, the makeup, the fabrics, the patterns...basically everyone slayed my life in different ways! It was also amazing to see the different styles of all the cities that were represented at the festival. From high fashion slay to street style, AFROPUNK brought it all to the table!

Some fashionistas from Brooklyn who slayedddd.

Some fashionistas from Brooklyn who slayedddd.

Overall, I can say this was the most black experience I have ever had and I LOVED IT! I felt so empowered throughout the entire day just being around my people and seeing so many different kinds of POC. (I saw someone tweet about how they did not like the fact that there were white people there, but honestly I even enjoyed talking to them as well. They appreciated the culture without appropriating it, so I wasn't mad.)

One of our Uber friends rocking such a powerful statement.

One of our Uber friends rocking such a powerful statement.

AFROPUNK is a reminder of just how beautiful our culture is.

It's free, it's passionate, it's unlike any other culture you will ever experience. This festival gives us a space to be who we are and embrace it. There was no judgment, no rules, no side-eye, no hate...just love, positivity and good vibes. I definitely enjoyed meeting people from all over (including our two friends we met in our Uber, haha) and experiencing something so colorful.

Atlanta wall art is unmatched.

Atlanta wall art is unmatched.

I suggest going to AFROPUNK as many times as you can because there is no other festival like it! Next year, you can catch me at AFROPUNK Brooklyn and maybe even AFROPUNK London or Paris...stay tuned! :)


Did you attend an AFROPUNK Fest this year? If so, what did you love about it? Comment below!