5 Lessons Learned From Transitioning Into Adulthood


Ugh. *rolls eyes* 

Becoming an adult is like going to the doctor; you know you have to do it, but who really wants to? Why can't I just take it back to '03 when my biggest life decision was: to watch Disney or Nickelodeon? I really do not fully understand the purpose of having to grow up because being young is so fun, so simple... BUT God says we have to. You got it G.

Transitioning into adulthood has been the hardest phase in life that I have had to deal with. I am still very young and have a a long way to go before fully becoming an adult, but I have learned a few things along the way.

Here are the 5 most important lessons that I have learned while on my journey to adulthood!


1. "With age comes responsibility" is more than just a cliche.

We all know that the older you become, the more you become attacked with responsibility. You may start by getting your first job, paying for more things, driving your first car, and so on. Then eventually, the Devil starts moving and you find yourself having to pay bills. As a college student, I was hit with the reality that I now have to buy my own gas, pay a few of my own bills, buy my own groceries (and actually cook it, Jesus fix it), and other miscellaneous things. When I would get paid, I would become excited for about 5 secs until I realized that its all gone after I handle my responsibilities. That, my friends, is when I realized that this whole "adulting" concept was not going to be all fun and games. 

Adulting Tip: Learn how to budget! I, personally, struggle with this, but I know that it makes handling your bills and expenses a lot easier...from what I've heard. :)

2. You will fail...plenty of times, but that's okay.

The purpose of any transition in life is to prepare you for the next phase. You can only be fully prepared if you are learning along the way. How do you learn? You get as much wisdom from the old(er) folks and you FAIL! Many times we learn that you should not fail, but I feel that failure is a great thing. Yes, I said great. Think about it. The best lessons in life have most likely come from you attempting something and not succeeding. Because of this, you learned exactly what not to do in the future attempts. It's an interesting, yet VERY hands-on way to learn!

Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophe.
— Albert Einstein

3. There are no shortcuts...like NONE.

As children, it is human nature for us to try finding the easy way out of things. That's common. However, the older you get, the more you will have to grow out of that notion. While in college, I learned that a lot of times, the way to reach my end goal is to go through a maze...literally a full blown maze! Decision-making becomes harder and life takes you on longer journeys to reach the destination. One thing about not taking shortcuts, is that you learn so much more along the way than you would have if you had taken the easy route (that's me trying to find the bright side of things haha). 

4. Finding yourself can be scary, but worth it.

The older you get, the more you learn about yourself. Finding out who you are and where you want to be in life can get complicated and sometimes stressful. Nevertheless, I'm learning that it is actually a beautiful thing. Blossoming into your own person is one of the many joys of life, specifically adulthood. As I transition into adulthood, I am discovering more things that I am passionate about as well as what kind of woman God is positioning me to be. Now, as beautiful as that sounds, it's emotionally and mentally hard at times...BUT it's definitely worth it.

Adulting Tip: Keep a journal. Writing in a journal will allow you to physically see how much you've grown over a period of time. It gives you a visible look at your journey to finding yourself. It also gives you the opportunity to vent about how much adulting sucks at times.

5. It ain't that bad!

It took me awhile to realize that this transition isn't the worst thing in the world! It's actually quite interesting and fun at times. Besides the bills, financial stress, hard decisions, the fact that you have to get a real job, Sallie Mae, hearing your parents saying "you're grown now" every time you ask for something, having older people pressure you about getting a significant other,  the daily feeling of being overwhelmed, and having to deal with real life...it's really not so bad! The reality is, growing up can be hard because it's new for us. It's also difficult because no matter how much our parents prepare us, adulthood still hits you hard at times. I've learned that it is okay. It is all just preparing us to become productive citizens who will one day raise more productive citizens. Plus, it's really cool when you look at the pros of getting older. You really become in control of your life in a way that you weren't before. Once you learn how to balance your life as an adult, you can really take the time to appreciate life and how far you've come. Being an adult isn't going to kill us, but it will make us stronger!

Happy adulting everyone!


What have you found to be the hardest thing about becoming an adult? The most rewarding thing? Comment below!