29 Black Bloggers Making a Statement

In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to highlight a few bloggers that are making a statement! I gave people a chance to submit a blogger that they wanted to pay homage to during such an incredible month. It is important for us to support and uplift one another; this is my goal by creating this collaborative piece. Keep reading to discover some amazingly talented black bloggers who are being celebrated! Also, make sure your check out their blogs; they're pretty awesome!

(The bloggers are listed in the order in which I received a submission for them.)

RuffGotRhymes | www.ruffgotrhymes.com | @RuffGotRhymes

"Ruff is chasing big dreams and inspiring the world to Dream Big along the way!" -Anonymous

Aqueilla Terry | www.actspeaks.wordpress.com | @Insomni_Act 

This true lover of hip hop culture is truly captivating every ounce of the beauty with her blogs. Her extensive study and knowledge of the culture makes her a cut above the rest. -Anonymous

Amber Janae | www.whoisamberjanae.com | @WhoIsAmberJanae

This blogger is making a statement by sharing her own personal life experiences to touch lives and hearts all over the world. Amber Janae creates ways to help women build their self-esteem and be confident in their life walk. She focuses on bringing awareness to issues that are affecting our communities daily, such as Mental Health awareness, the importance of self-love, all forms of abuse and more. I love that outside of her blog she's authored several books that are not only informative, but encouraging and inspiring. -Anonymous

Charell Star | www.notjustagirlinadress.com | @CharellStar

Charell Star is a blogger on a mission to educate, inspire and demystify what a successful career path looks like. On her site - Not Just A Girl In A Dress - Charell shares more than just outfits and beauty tips. She shares stories about entrepreneurs & cool companies, business experts and novices with really good career lessons, tech trends and useful products to help people get to the next level of success. -Anonymous 

Zoe | www.dearqueens.com | @z.DearQueens 

A leading light of positivity for women of color everywhere; she does it all from philanthropy, entrepreneurship, but most importantly empowerment. Her words can uplift you & empower any person who wants to better themselves. She's more than just a blogger & space creator; she's a person that truly cares. -Devon Young

Vashti Patrick-Joseph | www.veepeejay.com | @veepeejay 

From rebranding to launching an apparel line, Vashti continues to prove it's possible to build your dream. Known as a natural hair blogger, Vashti is now sharing some of what makes her tick behind the scenes. Real experiences, words of encouragement and support for greater causes such as St. Jude. Vashti is making the entrepreneur from the ground up statement. -MJ Jackson

Deborah Lynch Burchell | www.simplycaribbean.net | @simplycaribbean1 

Deborah is an amazing Caribbean Food Blogger creating and spreading the culture and cuisine of the Caribbean by developing recipes and also by giving exact directions with alternatives for hard to find ingredients. I met Deborah about 8 years ago at a conference when she was giving a lecture about early childhood education and about childhood obesity in the Caribbean and America and what we can do to help with the unhealthy foods that kids are eating today. I was so impressed with her speech that I decided to give her my email and was placed on her mailing list. Fast forward, 5 years later, I attended a cooking class with her and her husband and learned to make the best Jerk Sauce in the world, I have since bought her eBook and I am currently waiting for her print cookbook which will be out in April. I can go on and on. Deborah is making a statement in the world of blogging about Caribbean food and some culture. -Ryan Mercer

Bryanda L. | www.quirkybrownlove.com | @QuirkyBrownLove

Bryanda shows through her blog that you can be quirky and black, unlike what the media would like for the world to believe. She also works a lot to promote black businesses (check out her side bar) and she wrote an amazing post The Ultimate Black Owned Business Gift Guide for the holidays. She is also has a Melanated Bosses series that highlights black women in business. -Anonymous

Just Bloggers: No Explanation (AK, Diamond & Aziza) | www.werejustbloggers.com | @werejustbloggers

They are a powerhouse of nicheless bloggers who show that you don't have to conform to the rules in order to be successful. -AK Brown

Kyshira Moffett | www.thisisHERmovement.com | @2movesahead

This blogger is making a statement by breaking the mold of what it means to be an ambitious millennial. Her blog topics focus on career growth and personal branding. She writes to provide her peers with the insight and resources they need to be fearless in the pursuit of their goals. -Anonymous 

Allison Jones | www.livelifewellblog.com | @livelifewell_blog

This blogger is promoting positive images of black women and inspiring people internationally to be themselves and live a life worth remembering. She is an inspiration and has truly showed me what it is like to LIVELIFEWELL. -Dequan Jones

Chakayla Taylor | www.chakaylajtaylor.com | @chakaylajtaylor

Chakayla is helping bloggers and entrepreneurs make their mark in social media through chakaylajtaylor.com. She has been blogging for 7 years and expanded her audience via Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. This young woman always puts her audience and clients first in order to help them succeed with their blog or business. Not only does she offer her expertise, but she also encourages and inspires individuals everyday through her social media.  -Shea Harris

Fai | www.faiscloset.com | @fifi_hijabista

Fai's closet is a modest fashion blog. She's a tall blogger and a plus sized blogger. I haven't seen many tall, plus sized, black MODEST fashion bloggers and I've definitely not seen many in the hijabi blog world! Many plus sized blogging focuses on being overtly sexy. I think Fai's closet is great because her focus isn't on being overtly sexy, but modest and fashionable at the same time. -Anonymous

Michelene J | www.michelenej.com | @michelene_j

This blogger is amazing in being a carefree Black girl who showcases other Black creatives all around. I think she's beautiful in admiring the small things & creatives in life that we sometimes pass by. She's amazing inside & out. XOXO -Victoria Mason

Kisha Makham | www.keepupwithkish.com | @KeepUpWithKish

Not only does this style blog offer pictures of Kisha's personal style, she also shows her writing skills and gives her readers articles about fashion happenings worldwide. One fun article was just about fashion documentaries you could watch when one has down time. She just started, but I think she will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the future! -Anonymous 

Krystal Douglas | www.flow-rise.com | @krystalcaliyah

Krystal is on her third article and she really touches on topics most are scared to touch! A 20 year old Junior, Red Bull wing team member, strong, opinionated and articulate young lady who you will definitely make a mark in our society! -Anonymous

Demetria Lucas D'oyley | www.seesomeworld.com | @demetrialucasdoyley 

Demetria started the #seesomeworld on her social media where she would post about her travel journeys. Some of these places I have never heard of or seen. This inspired her second launch of a blogging website. Demetria inspires me to push myself to travel the world and learn other cultures. -Alexandria Coutain 

Toi Bly & Gabrielle Hickmon | www.thereignxy.com | @toimeetsworld @gabgotti @thereignxy

I've had the privilege of watching these ladies work relentlessly on this blog from its birth almost 2 years ago until now. They are bold enough to share personal stories about their experiences as young black women, as well as every day happenings from their unique perspectives. Although sharing distinct experiences with the world, they are able to relate and touch the hearts and souls of many young minority women. They collaborate to keep The Reign alive, but both women have individual projects such as Gabby's The Literati virtual book club and Toi's series of anecdotes called Confessions of a Condom Counter. They are staking their claim as creative, brilliant young black women with a story, if that isn't making a statement I'm not sure what is. -Jakira Shaw

Ty Wilson | www.singleandhappyonline.com | @singleandhappy1

She helps women embrace the single life! -Elona Washington

Pam | www.unapologeticallypam.blogspot.com | @unapologeticallypam

I've seen Pam evolve from a girl who was somewhat trapped in her identity as a wife, church leader, and student into a woman, free from labels and speaking truth. She's gone through a shocking divorce that knocked her off of her feet, she's lost 100 lbs, she embraces her womanhood and her blackness, she's left relationships that no longer serve her insistence on self-love. And she's unafraid to speak on it, Unapologetically. She's helped so many women, myself included, to be brave, to live without regret or shame, and to feel a little less alone in a world that often highlights feminine perfection, which makes us feel isolated when we fall short of the mark. Her motto of "Becoming Myself, Unapologetically" is beyond just her, it speaks to women at large; I'm inspired by her becoming Unapologetically, Pam. -Anonymous

Charity Sims | www.howtobehappyer.com | @howtobehappyer

Charity is making a statement because her blog focuses on sharing the happy moments in life. She is such a positive soul and strives to spread happiness everywhere she goes! -Anonymous

Bianca Belabre | www.agirlwithstyle.com | @agirlwith_style

She is making a statement that style doesn't have a size. She gives information on fashion tips, discounts and motivation. She is a force trying to bring light on the changes in mainstream fashion. She also puts a spotlight on black boutique owners to help get their name to community. -Anonymous

Tara Scott | www.3jewelsyoga.com | @3jewelsyoga

Tara Scott is a Black woman Buddhist practitioner/mother/wife/sister-friend who creates safe spaces for women in Michigan to dive deep into themselves through the art of movement, mindfulness, and meditation. Embodying the principles that she teaches, her practice is tenderness which she shares through an inter-sectional and interfaith framework. Her wellness workshops, writings, and speaking engagements also include reading lists that can help facilitate the road to healing for those of us looking for the language to make sense of ourselves, our hearts, and the energies that surround us. -Violeta Donawa

Mattie James | www.mattieologie.com | @Mattieologie

I am a HUGE fan of Mattie and her blog! She is such a fashionista; she's inspired me to step my fashion game up. She is also an inspiration to me because she is a successful black career woman, mother, wife, etc. She provides courses that help other aspiring entrepreneurs like me succeed and I really appreciate all of the help she gives! Mattie is the epitome of excellence and her blog is just one of the many great things about her! -Carley

Akin | www.akinfaminu.com | @akinfaminu

This blogger stands out to me because not only does he rock the fashion world, but he also embraces the vibrant and beautiful African culture. He nails it each time! -Anonymous

Keke | www.kekesbudgetkloset.blogspot.com | @kekesbudgetkloset

Keke is such an amazing fashion blogger who helps women find pieces that are budget-friendly. I have been following her blog for awhile now and I enjoy every outfit that she highlights! Plus, she puts on for the curvy sistas; I can appreciate that! -Kelly L.   

Thank you to everyone who submitted a blogger! To the amazing bloggers who were featured, you rock! Keep making a statement because you're definitely being noticed.