2018-The Year of “Godfidence”

If you’re reading this, you obviously made it to 2018. I’m proud of you. Despite everything that happened in the last year, you pushed through and didn’t give up on life. Give yourself the credit that you deserve just for pushing through and conquering another year. Happy New Year! 

My most valuable lesson from 2017: TRUST GOD.  


The Bible tells us to trust God, preachers tell us to trust God, our parents and grandparents tell us to trust God…and yet, it’s still a struggle for many of us. The crazy part is that He shows us time and time again that we can trust Him...and we still try to control every aspect of our lives instead of putting it all in His hands. 

I know you’re probably tired of reading yearly testimonies because we flood social media with them every New Years, but I want to briefly tell you how God brought me through a very challenging year. For those of you who don’t know, I graduated from undergrad in May of 2016. I had no job, or any real plans lined up after graduation, so I had to move back home. It was a stressful time, but I eventually got accepted into graduate school (back in Atlanta) towards the end of the year. Only thing is, I did not have a job or a place to stay. I was blessed to find a paid internship before school started, but I didn’t have the means to have my own place to live. So, in December of 2016, I moved back to Atlanta…on an air mattress in my friend’s living room (shout out to her for helping me out, haha).  

I won’t get into many details about my transition, but to sum it all up, I was stressed about several things: not being able to figure out my living situation, getting adjusted to being a graduate student, having limited funds, transitioning into full adulthood and battling other personal issues (all while trying to remain active in organizations, running my blog and maintaining a social life).  


I now have my very own place, my internship turned into a full-time position, and I now have a Masters as well as my first certification from Georgia State University. That’s not even the half of how God has blessed me this year. Trust me, I am not bragging at all, but I simply want to share this as a reminder that God’s got us no matter what. It’s scary not knowing what’s next, which makes it hard to step out on faith. I stressed and worried myself so much this year and in previous years that it took a toll on my mental and physical health multiple times. Now that I look back on all of this, I can clearly see that God had me the entire time and would not let me go no matter what.   


Knowing this, I want to enter into this new year with stronger faith and full trust in Him. I saw a shirt a long time ago that had an interesting word on the front, “Godfidence.” It’s funny because I recently ran into a tweet of a video where a young lady explains the importance of living a life with Godfidence. (Watch it here.) This is so powerful to me because having confidence that God will make a way in your life will give you the hope that is needed to persevere.  

My pastor’s NYE message was centered around moving forward through life despite the unknown. He reminded us that each year comes with its ups and downs and that we should get away from the notion that saying “this is my year” means that the year is going to be smooth the entire way. Realistically, you have to lose in order to truly win. But when you have Godfidence in your path, those losses don't stop you; they fuel you.  

My challenge for all of us is to look at this new year from a new perspective.

This CAN be your year (I'm claiming that every year is MY year lol), but when something doesn't go as planned or falls through altogether, don't let that hinder you from finishing strong. Not to sound cliché, but life really is a rollercoaster. We have to keep going, keep working, keep the faith and trust God during the ride. Elevate your Godfidence and watch Him work.   


What is one goal that you have for 2018 that requires you to have Godfidence? Share below!