Taking the Crown Back!

As Queens, we cannot have a tarnished crown. Sometimes life knocks us around and the crown may tilt a little; it may even fall (pick it right back up Queen!). However, it should never be tarnished. A tarnished crown comes about when you are being degraded (or even degrading yourself), when you do not know your worth, when you allow society to define who you are, when you seek attention from men, when you leave nothing to the imagination...the list goes on. We complain so much about people not treating us like respectable women, but are you giving people something to respect? We complain about not finding love, but do you even love yourself?

Sometimes WE are the very thing that causes our crown to wither away. We allow our insecurities, our voids, and our past hurts to shape the way we live our lives. Next thing you know, we are walking around practically naked and looking for men to finance our lives; meanwhile, Instagram "likes" fuels our self-esteem and the only math we're doing is counting the amount of phone numbers we got in one day. That's not being queenly. 

Queen Lauryn Hill said it best, "How you gonna win when you ain't right within?" It is time to take our crowns back! Collectively, we have to do better as women in order to get the respect we deserve. If you want men to see you for who you are on the inside, then cover up on the outside! If you want people to respect you and take you seriously, then respect yourself and take yourself seriously! Society isn't the main issue. WE are. It starts with US.

Encourage your sister to take her crown back also. Instead of spending so much time competing with other women, we should support and uplift other women. If you feel like you are already queenin' then show your sister how to do the same. It's all about self-love and love for one another. Let's take back our crowns TOGETHER, polish them up, and wear them proudly Queens! 

-queen m.

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