Today is my 21st birthday! Woohoo!!

Today, I'm not only celebrating the beginning of a new year, but I am also celebrating my 20th year. Yes, I am celebrating my 20th all over again! The reason behind this is that I can truly say my 20th year was the hardest year that I have experienced. I did have a lot of accomplishments, but my faith was tested from day to day. Even though this was the most difficult year in my life, it has to be my most significant year. At 20, I finally developed a relationship with God. I always went to church and prayed, but it wasn't until this year that I really felt like I knew God.

20 was such an up and down year for me, but I count it all joy! That year makes me appreciate my 21st so much more because I made it through every obstacle and I know I can get through whatever else comes my way. I know feel more confident in God. So, no matter what 21 brings, I know that God's got me!

21, be good to me please!



P.S. My birthday's on a Sunday, look at God! :) (corny, I know haha)