Challenge Accepted!

I woke up this morning with a victorious attitude! However, just a day or so ago I felt defeated. I've been sharing with you guys my recent experiences during this journey that I am on, but recently I just felt like I couldn't handle everything that was coming my way. After praying about it and reading my scriptures, I realized something. How can we handle what God is preparing us for if we can't handle the preparation process?

So, it got me thinking. God is like our trainer and we are His boxer. God is training us for every fight that we encounter. Like any good trainer, He shows us how it feels to take huge blows so that we won't be thrown off when our opponent throws one at us. He works every muscle to its core so that we can be strong and mighty. Before the bell rings to begin a fight, our trainer gives us a pep talk (His word). He reminds us of his promises and that He has given us strength; we just have to channel it. Now, once that bell rings, we are confident that we will be victorious because our trainer has thoroughly prepared us for this fight.

I felt like I was getting hit by blow after blow after blow, BUT I have to allow God to do His perfect work within me so that I will be ready for whatever comes my way. Do NOT let the feeling of defeat creep into your life; look who your trainer is! Be bold and tell God that you are ready to take on the challenge. He never promised us that life would be easy, but He did promise that He would help us along the way!


Questions for thought:

How do you combat a defeated attitude? 

What is your go-to scripture for encouragement? (My favorite is James 1:2-4.) 

Feel free to share your answers and thoughts below! :)