Dear Daughter...

Just wanted to show off my mommy! :)

Just wanted to show off my mommy! :)

Dear My Future Daughter, 

Even though you're not here yet (and hopefully won't be for another 10 years) , there are a few things that I want to share with you. As a child, my mother taught me a lot of things about being a woman and I want you to have those same values instilled in you as well. When you arrive, you will enter into a different world then the one that I entered into. No matter what, there are some essential things that you should always remember; things that will not change no matter how much the world has changed. 

First and foremost, you are a child of the King. God has ordained your destiny, so do NOT let ANYONE deter you from what God has destined you for. Do NOT let ANYONE belittle you or make you feel less than what God has made you to be. Do NOT let ANYONE steer you away from the wonders of God. You may be my biological child, but FIRST, you are His child. Never forget this and your life will be filled with everlasting joy. 

You are a Queen. I know I just said that you're a child of the King (so technically, that makes you a princess), BUT in a earthly sense, you are a Queen honey! Wear confidence and grace at all times. Carry yourself as if you're royalty; not like you're "stuck up" or as if you're better than others. Carry yourself to a higher standard than what society tells you is acceptable. As a Queen, your crown may tilt a little, but NEVER let it fall.

Self-love and self-respect is key to living a life of fulfillment. You will not be genuinely happy if you do not truly love yourself. You will never be respected if you do not truly respect yourself. You see those girls that show off their bodies and let men pass them around? They do not love or respect themselves. They only want attention and validation. Sweetie, you've already been validated through God. True beauty is within a girl who knows her worth and carries herself with integrity.

Boys are evil and have cooties! Okay, maybe not, but be cautious of the guys that you allow into your life. YOU ARE NOT FOR EVERYBODY. Everybody does not deserve your time, your love, your attention, and your affection. Only a king deserves to be in the presence of a Queen. If he does not meet your standards, do not settle! Your King should be God-fearing and should know exactly how to treat you as his Queen. It is okay to date (once you're old enough) and to keep your options open (options open, legs closed!), but do not become "everybody's girl." Do not become "oh, I had her too!" You're far too precious for that.

Be yourself. A simple, yet important phrase. The world will try to tell you what to be, what to wear, how to look, what size you should be, what you should invest in, how many bundles you should have in your hair...girl, everything! If you let that consume you, you will lose yourself. Trying to be something that you're not is a set up for failure. You will never be happy, satisfied, or fulfilled in life if you do as the world tells you to do. DO YOU BOO! It's so much easier being yourself. 

There are so many other things I need to teach you, but these are just a few things I need you to know first. In life, you will learn a lot more lessons than I could ever teach you. Always look to God for answers, for direction, for everything! Life can be confusing and challenging, but I promise if you put God first, you will prosper. Never forget, that you are loved; not just by me, but by God. He loves you unconditionally and will never leave your side. I trust that you will blossom into the young lady that He created you to be. So remember, you're a Queen...nothing less, nothing else.

With unconditional love,

m. (not ready to say mom just yet haha!)