Can We Be Black Now?


So, I haven't written poetry in FOREVER! However, in light of the current happenings in the news, I felt the need to write a poem. It is entitled, "Can We Be Black Now?" Let me know your thoughts below! :)

Can We Be Black Now?

Black. Brown. Ebony. Chocolate.

Rich, full of glowing melanin that is often defaced

An array of precious tones that is often vandalized

Shattered from the killings of the seeds that God planted within us

Scarred from the torture of gazing down barrels that end our metamorphosis

Can we grow now? No? Okay.

High yellow. Dark-skinned. Light-skinned. Sun-kissed.

Skin so full of life, yet marked by the past

Captivating complexions that aren’t allowed to flourish

Doomed by labels placed on our daughters to chain their lives

Misguided by unexplainable anger and confusion

Can we live now? No? That’s fine.

Caramel. Pecan tan. Mahogany. Mocha.

They may not appreciate our light, our love, or our fight

But you cannot stunt the growth of a rose planted by God’s hands

You cannot block the light of a sun that never goes down

Cast your energy elsewhere, our radiance can’t be dulled

Can we be black now? Indeed, we can be. We shall be. We will be.