My Adult-ish Christmas List

We all know the older we get, the more our Christmas lists change (if we even have one at all). Now that I am 21, my list doesn't consist of Bratz Dolls, games, and all of the other things that I used to beg for every year. I have a shorter, more useful (kind of) list that I would like to share with Santa this year. Here it is!

Michaela's "I'm A Big Kid Now" Christmas List

Dear Big Guy, 

Here's what I want this year. Work your magic.

  1. A new bible. My current one looks like Jesus gave it to me himself. I would love if my name was monogrammed on it too. 
  2. A "onesie." I am still a kid at heart so I would like to at least feel like one when I sleep (especially since I am tired of "adulting"). 
  3. A cook book. It's time for me to become a little more domestic, so I need to step my game up in the kitchen. I am entering into the "catch a husband" phase in my life. (I kid, I kid...not really, haha!)
  4. A new set of business cards. I'm going for a more chic, clean look.
  5. Payment for next year's Squarespace billing. This blog site isn't going to pay for itself! :)
  6. While we're talking money; I have student loans, books for next semester that I need to get, a car tank that would loved to be filled, a cell phone bill that I am sure wouldn't mind being paid...get where I'm going with this Santa? #CollegeStudentProbs
  7. A big container of laundry detergent (preferably Pods). Yes, I am serious. #DormProbs
  8. A personal assistant. Don't ask how, just make it happen.
  9. Vision board supplies. My old one is outdated, plus I have some new goals that I want to accomplish. 
  10. Last, but certainly not least...I want 2016 to be filled with love, laughter, good health, positive vibes, and accomplished goals! You may have to consult God on this one.

I hope to see these (maybe not #10) under my tree tomorrow (sorry for the short notice), please and thank you. Talk to you next year!



P.S. I've been nice this year...well I tried.