No King Needed

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Recently, I saw a post on Instagram that said, "Every queen needs a King beside her." The caption proceeded to say something along the lines of, "you always need to have someone to help you maintain your throne." In my opinion, the ONLY "someone" we NEED to help us "maintain" our throne is God...

I know a young lady (and I am sure we all do) that looks to men for validation. She hops from one relationship to the next, one bed to the next, one heart to the next... All she wants is to be loved and feel accepted. Little does she know, she is only damaging her body, her heart, her mind, AND her soul (and so much more). I wish she knew how precious she is without needing to hear it from a man. I even had a point in my life where I longed for the attention and acceptance of a man, but we are SOOOOO much more than what any man can tell us we are

I believe that God has someone out there for everyone and that it is is healthy to date while maintaining healthy interactions with the opposite sex. So, I am not saying we need to isolate ourselves from men, but know your worth BEFORE allowing men into your space (and be careful of what KIND of man you allow into your space, but that's a whole other topic haha). I've learned that you cannot flourish with a man in your life without allowing yourself to flourish before he entered into your life. We don't NEED men to make us feel beautiful, to make us feel loved, to make us feel worthwhile... (They ARE supposed to show us that stuff in relationships and if they don't, leave them! But we should go into the relationship already knowing those things, so we won't have to depend on them for it.) 

It is so important for us to know how valuable we are in God's eyes, so that we can value ourselves. I love the quote, "What's a Queen without her King? A Queen." When a King dies and the Queen is left alone, does she lose her position? Nope. So, if your King turns out to be a peasant, do you lose your position as a Queen? NOPE. 

-queen m. 

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