4th Quarter

It's everyone's favorite time of the year, basketball season! Yes, the NBA is back! So, I'm writing this post in honor of my Hawks getting rings this year. :) 

During the opening night for the Hawks, they were in the 4th quarter and it seemed like the game was over for them. Well, it was. They lost 106-94 against the Pistons (sobs). **side note: they are doing great now!** As I was talking to my mom during that particular game, she was stating how she felt that they were going to lose because it was the last quarter and the Pistons were in the lead. I reminded my mom that many teams have turned the game around in the last quarter (even though this didn't happen with my Hawks). I proceeded to go on a tangent (as I always do) about how we shouldn't give up on our team BEFORE the game is over because God (yes, I added Him into this) can turn it around in the very last second of the game. 

Continuing my tangent, I began to apply this to life. I usually preach mini sermons jokingly to my mom, but this one actually led to a great message. As I rambled on about how the Hawks would make a comeback, I began to think about how we sometimes give up in OUR 4th quarter. God takes us through processes in life and we can kind of divide them into quarters. By the time we get to the last quarter, we are down and out. We played out all of our energy in the first three and we FEEL that we have nothing to give in the last one. God, our coach, is telling us that we can make it if we just lean and depend on Him. However, the fans from the opposing side (the Devil) are booing so loud that we allow it to drown out God's voice.

Just like I told my mom, we should never look at the time left in the quarter and give up because He won't give up on us. So, if you're reading this and you feel like you've already been defeated in your 4th quarter; think again. Tell the Lord, you NEED HIM. You need His strength to finish strong, so let Him know you do. Sometimes God just wants us to call on Him for help instead of us trusting in our own ability. We fail, fear, and lose when we put our trust in ourselves rather than putting it in Him. 

I believe God can turn it around for all of us even if we are down to the very last seconds of the "game." Do you?


P.S. We should all strive for rings this season! Just trust in God :) (see what I did there? haha)

  • What's your game plan for making it through your 4th quarter?