New Year's Resolutions...That I Actually Plan To Keep!

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I have a friend, who is also a fellow blogger, that has inspired me to list out my resolutions for 2015. Mentally, I do this every year. Physically, I do not keep them! Let's be real, resolutions are always hard to keep because we are all set in our ways. However, I think that actually making a list and constantly keeping up with that list will serve as a reminder to work on those resolutions. I have already failed at some of mine and we are only 7 days into steps.

Here's my not-so-short list of New Year's Resolutions. I'll post my progress to keep them throughout the year. Let's see how many I can actually accomplish!

  1. Focus on God and building my relationship with Him
  2. Study more...or at least go to the library and stare at my laptop more often
  3. Eat healthy (in other words, eat the celery that comes with my hot wings)
  5. Stress less and mediate more
  6. Attend more networking events
  7. Build my brand!
  8. Cook and bake more...correction; LEARN how to cook and bake
  9. Actually keep up with my journal
  11. Build healthy relationships with positive people (aka kick all negative people to the curb!)
  12. Become more organized...well I can just start by buying an agenda
  13. Improve my natural hair journey (get the curls popping!)
  14. Budget...(say it again) BUDGET!***
  15. Smile more since everyone thinks my "mean mug" symbolizes how I really feel, which I am really just focused on not tripping while I walk...
  16. #FindBae2015...actually #StayAwayFromMen2015 so that I can focus on myself, yea that's better.
  17. BE SELFISH! (which is perfectly okay so that I can do only what brings me joy)
  18. Step out of my comfort zone
  19. Make sure A.D.O.M. reaches many readers
  20. Live a peaceful life full of joy...basically enjoy this life that I was blessed with!

This should be a piece of cake! Not really, but the key is to stay motivated. I have so much more I plan to accomplish this year and I know that with a little faith, it can all be done. This is our year people; let's make it great!