Crown Her

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1. the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth 

2. a king's wife.

3. a woman or thing regarded as excellent or outstanding of its kind.

Being a queen is much more than a title. 

By definition a Queen is a ruler. She should stand up for what she believes and lead the way for others around her. If we inherit this position by right of birth than why aren't we using it? The female voice is so powerful yet we continue to silence it. The female influence is so powerful yet we continue to be followers. Entering into queen-dom means that you are willing to be heard and say the things that others are afraid to say. 

By definition a Queen is a king's wife. A king is not the thug off of the street with his pants sagging. A king is not that guy that you've been stuck on for years who is stuck on another woman. A king is not disrespectful nor does he let anyone disrespect his throne. We must be careful of who we allow to rule next to us. As Queens, we are only fit to become one with someone who is loving, protecting, responsible, faithful, loyal, and most importantly, God-fearing.

By definition a queen is regarded as excellent or outstanding. As a Queen, you should hold yourself to higher standards than those who do not respect themselves as women. Your walk should be different; your talk should be different. You should be an inspiration to our Princesses who will one day claim the throne. We must straighten up our crown before we lose it.

I am a Queen because I strive to be all of these things on a daily basis. My journey is not perfect, but it is beautiful. I'm constantly learning more and more about how to correctly wear my crown. I encourage those that are tagged to wear your crown proudly because you too are Queens!