12 Black Girl Bosses You Need to Know

A girl boss is defined as a "female hustler, building her empire." She's innovative, fearless and ambitious. She should be celebrated for breaking barriers and redefining standards.

I want to take the time to acknowledge a few of my favorite girl bosses (who are also melanin queens *three snaps in a circle*) for all of their hard work and greatness. Read on to meet some of my favorite black girl bosses that you need to know!

AK Brown

AK Brown is the creator of Just Bloggers: No Explanation, one of the only purposely branded nicheless blogs on the market. She is preparing to launch her new blog "The Unapologetic Black Millennial" on May 5, which focuses on breaking down stereotypes on what a "black millennial" should be. Aside from blogging, AK is writing her first book "Chronicles of a Sh***y Adulter" that will be released later next year which focuses on my life in the aspect of not being the traditional adult and mother. She is also the Regional Director of Black Bloggers United for Saint Louis.

@akjapbae | @werejustbloggers

Brittany Jones

Brittany Jones is an upcoming choreographer from the south side of Atlanta, with an extensive dance background. She began dancing at the age of 10, taking dance lessons in hip-hop and jazz at Lashay's Academy of Performing Arts. She has competed in dance competitions, has done background dancing and even received her "15 seconds of fame" dancing in Ciara's "1, 2 Step" video and Jagged Edge's "What It's Like Remix" video. During her college career, she created a dance organization called the Innovators of Creative Expression (ICE) in 2013. She now serves as the head coach & choreographer for the team. Brittany is currently in the process of starting her own business, Top Notch Performance Company, a performing arts studio incorporating dance, music and theater.

@brittanaayyy | @innovatecreate | @topnotchperforms

Gené Hunter

Gené Hunter has tagged herself as a “lover of creating and an executor of black girl magic.” She is currently pursuing a career in journalism to be an on air reporter and wants to find creative ways to tell stories and create a platform for other young women. She’s currently participating in a post graduate program with the ABC News bureau in Washington, DC. Balancing her love for both hard news and entertainment, she has worked [and been published] with Rolling Out Magazine, covering some of Atlanta’s biggest events and celebrities. Previously, she served as a news intern at the #1 local news station, WSB-TV, and as a news intern and fill in anchor for the local government news at Fulton Government Television. Aside from her on air ventures, Gené wanted to expand on her love for communications and started up a small consulting business to help other creatives turn their ideas and passions into visual action.

 @genebhunter | @ghcreatives

Halle Neeley

Halle Neeley began college as a Biology major in August 2011. She was uninterested in school and had to convince herself every day to pull it together to go to class. She eventually had a heart to heart with herself and realized that her happiest moment (at that point) was planning a surprise baby shower for her mom. She switched majors to Managerial Science because no one believed event planning was a career. She then came across the course catalog for the school of hospitality and realized there were Event Management courses on campus. She confirmed her major as Hospitality Administration and applied for the European Hospitality Experience study abroad program in May 2015. Halle received a scholarship from Coca Cola and a private family. Upon her return, she was offered a position in a five-star hotel where she gained direct experience in her major. She became a Certified Wedding Planner 3 months later and booked her first two wedding in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois in June and October of 2016. She is currently planning September and November 2017 nuptials as well as a June Birthday party. 

@_halledaily | @hneventsanddesigns

Jordan Chapman

Jordan Chapman is the founder and editor of the fashion, travel, and lifestyle blog called The Hat Logic. The blog began in September of 2013 and has grown into a blog and Youtube channel with reach across the globe. The audience has grown around the world and Jordan has grown to the level of attending Fashion Week around the world. She lives in Atlanta currently, where she is enrolled in college, and balancing school with blogging. She works as a freelance photographer, taking photos for bloggers around the world while traveling. She hopes to move to London or New York when she graduates, in hopes of following a career in blogging and photography in the future.

@thehatlogic | @jordantaylorphoto

MeShae’ Prophet

MeShae’ (Hankerson) Prophet is a small town girl from Waynesboro, Georgia and a true example that you can be whatever you want to if you never stop learning, never stop working hard, and never stop dreaming. As a graduate of both Georgia Southern University and Georgia State University, she’s a tried and true Georgia peach with a deep affection for southern living, southern cooking and southern culture. MeShae’ is a digital marketer, specializing in social media and advertising, content marketing and external communications.  By day, she’s a senior manager of emerging and social media marketing for AT&T. In addition to her professional passion, MeShae' has several personal passions that guide her work outside of the office. She’s a youth advocate committed to impacting the lives of young people, especially those who look like her. She is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, and serves on the board of directors for WISE (Women in Sports and Events) Atlanta. 


Michole Kemp

At the young age of 16, Michole Kemp set out to make a vital impact in the media industry. As she took her first step into media, during 2010, she took off as Atlanta's youngest female director. As years have flown by, Michole Kemp has created a lane for herself and now has several credentials under her belt including: On-Air Promotions Editor for Fox Sports South, Media Intern for Task Force for Global Health, Freelance Video Editor for Task Force for Global Health, Video Editor Intern for Resolve Media Group, Social Media Rep for Don't Be A Bully Foundation, Digital Media Intern for Public Broadcasting Atlanta, Director's Intern for Mr. Boomtown Productions and Casting Assistant for Kay Clark Casting. Depending on the day Michole Kemp serves as a business owner, director, photographer, videographer, editor, graphic designer, entrepreneur and so much more.

@micholekemp | @shotbymk

Niqua Jeanette

Niqua Jeanette, is a Fashion Blogger and owner of Thrift My Fashion, a fashion blog and closet store originated from the gems and excitement of thrift shopping. She has been featured in different blogs sites, showcased her closet store in many different pop up shops around the city, and even put together her own women's empowerment event in Florida. Niqua Jeanette has a lot in store for 2017 and she hopes to become the source of reference for anyone needing thrifting styling advice or personal shopping.

@kissmy_fashion | @thriftmyfashion

Tara James

Originally a Texas girl, Tara James currently resides in Southern California. This mother of a son, knows the importance of providing positive imagery of the black community, and that importance is evident in her work. By Ms James is a paper goods company based on the real-life experiences and adventures of Tara James. Funny, honest, quirky and lovable these cards help us remember cultural traditions once forgotten. To learn more about By Ms James visit www.bymsjames.com.


Ti Lashun Faite

Ti Lashun Faite is the CEO of Faite Enterprise. She created Faite Enterprise to make a positive impact on the world, one step at a time. She was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, with a passion for fashion and empowering her sisters in business. She studied Fashion Design and Fashion Styling at Wade Design School in Dallas Texas in 2014. She is excited to bring Lady Bosses Who Brunch to businesswomen all over, because she loves seeing lady entrepreneurs work together, network together and build things together. She wants to color the world with beautiful fashion and inspire other women to do the same.

@tilashun | @ladybosseswhobrunchfl

Victoria Mason

Victoria Mason is the #GirlBoss behind two brands She's Candid and Candid Consulting as well as the Founder and President of Black Bloggers United, Inc. She has accomplished a multitude of things within her blog including landing national campaigns, monetizing her blog and influencing a wide variety of people across the nation. With her network, she's been able to manage Regional Directors in seven cities in North America who execute regular events and oversees 450+ members. She's accomplished a lot for a 23 year old, and has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. 

@xtorikaylaa | @shescandid_

Zakiyrah Ficklin

Zakiyrah, a voice for the millennials is a talented, multifaceted professional who lives her life by design. For years, she has understood that her purpose was to serve others. She is a firm believer in building a lifestyle based on her purpose and passion. She has always maintained a heartfelt desire to do and be more. Through hard work, setbacks, diligence and experiences, she has penned her first book, Her 20 SomeTHINGS, which is a story and self-help book that helps young women navigate through their prime and go from pain to purpose. With the ambition to build others, she founded H.E.R. Foundation Inc., a nonprofit organization that seeks to develop women with absent fathers through education, health/wellness, and financial literacy. She genuinely seeks to help women thrive and to spread a message of transitioning your pain to purpose. Zakiyrah has been featured in Jezebel Magazine as 50 Most Beautiful Atlantans, Sheen Magazine, Good People Great Things Magazine and Her Network. She has been a  guest on the Willie Moore Jr. Show, Empowering Conversations with Pasha Cook and the Dr. Slaughter Show/WAOK.