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A Dash of Michaela is a blog that focuses on inspiration, mental health and women empowerment. Since January 2015, the blog has served as a go-to for anyone seeking a little encouragement as they navigate their way through life. It was started by a young woman who is now embracing her life’s journey. She doesn’t have all of the answers, but wants to share the lessons that life teaches her.

A Dash of Michaela is not just a personal blog, but also a platform for mental health advocacy and acknowledging women who are making a difference. Through the #MentalFitnessTalk Series, Michaela shares different topics that relate to mental health and its effects on those who suffer from varies mental issues. She also created A Dash Of which is a Woman of the Month feature that shines light on women who are excelling in their studies and/or careers while empowering women along the way.

For more information on how you can contribute a post to the #MentalFitnessTalk Series, visit the contact page. To nominate a woman for a Woman of the Month feature, visit the nomination page.



A Millennial Creative with a Knack for Redefining Standards

Michaela Carter is a 23-year-old, Atlanta-based blogger whose passion is writing with purpose.

When she’s not blogging, her head is in the books as she pursues her Masters degree in Marketing from THE Georgia State University (go Panthers). Aside from being a student, she is also a marketing professional who specializes in social media and digital marketing. Because she is all about networking with other creatives, Michaela serves as the Atlanta Regional Director for Black Bloggers United, a network that connects Black bloggers from all over the world.

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