Woman of the Month: A Dash of Sydney!


She's a young boss who uses her passion for fashion to empower women.

Meet Sydney Allen, founder and CEO of Boujee + Uninterested, a streetwear brand with the mission to "empower women of all colors, cultures and backgrounds to take back their power, raise their standards and not allow anyone or anything to lower them."

A native of North Carolina, Sydney set out to create a brand that would uplift women and give them the confidence that is needed to persevere in today's society. It was during her college years that she decided to pursue her love for fashion. While attending college in Atlanta, Sydney was able to make connections that gave her push into the fashion industry. She eventually moved back to her home state and founded Boujee + Uninterested. Sydney currently slays in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, but her top priority is turning her passion into an outlet for strentghing the female community.  

She's built an empire that defies the norm.

Through her clothing company, Sydney has been able to create a shift in the culture of women's fashion by using her brand to serve women everywhere. Boujee + Uninterested was designed to promote fearlessness, and to encourage women to only do what fuels their passion and brings them endless joy. 

I look to empower women to keep going and not get discouraged about anything. 

Her goal is to also redefine what it means to be "boujee" since this word has always had such a negative interpretation as being "stuck up" or thinking you are better than others. For this reason, she has shaped her brand around the purpose of showing women that it is okay to have standards and to know what you want out of life.

I am not apologetic about anything that I do...I do it because it makes me happy, it's my freedom. I want people to walk in that same purpose and understand that whatever you do, it's for your own freedom, your own happiness.

She's a businesswoman on a mission. 

The day in the life of Sydney can be described in one word...hectic. Her hustle keeps her on her toes daily as she serves in a managerial role for Google Fiber in Charlotte, NC and then manages the everyday affairs of Boujee + Uninterested. Because she is a strong believer in having multiple streams of income, she successfully balances her 9-5 while overseeing her company's inventory, social media marketing, partnerships with other brands, customer service...the list goes on! In the midst of her busy schedule, Sydney still takes time off to refuel her mind and body. She stands by the belief that entrepreneurship requires you to start from the bottom in order for you to build your way up, which can often lead to stress. Having her own company has taught her the importance of time management and utilizing the village that surrounds you to help you reach the top. 

Mental health is so important as an entrepreneur.

She doesn't sleep on her dreams.


To celebrate Boujee + Interested's first anniversary, Sydney recently hosted the inaugural Boujee Gang Presents “Don't Sleep on Your Dreams” Power Thinking Event. The purpose of this event was to create a space for entrepreneurs of all kinds to network and receive resources as well as motivation to continue achieving their dreams. She named this event a "power thinking event" and not an "empowerment event" because her vision was to push people in the right direction by helping them to upgrade their thinking. She recognized the need for this kind of event because so many entrepreneurs need concrete resources for their businesses and not just words of encouragement. Sydney has expanded "Don't Sleep on Your Dreams" by offering free coaching classes to the attendees where she walks them through the process of advancing their business plan.

She is in the process of planning the next “Don't Sleep on Your Dreams” Power Thinking Event which will be held in Atlanta. 

She is making moves towards her future endeavors.

To continue her work with women empowerment, Sydney is building a nonprofit organization called Women Who Hustle With God, which will connect women who "understand the difference between hustling and hustling with God." Her plan is to conduct summits and provide unlimited resources for the women involved in this nonprofit, which she plans to launch in 2019. 

It is not always easy walking in Sydney's shoes, but she is motivated to keep pushing towards her goals by her loved ones and her purpose. Through Boujee + Interested and her involvement within the female entrepreneurship community, she has been able to touch many lives.  Sydney is not only delivering fashionable pieces, but she is also speaking life into women. Her messages have encouraged women who were battling with mental illness. relationship issues. low self-esteem. etc. Sydney's runway-ready looks are helping women slay, heal and feel confident enough to walk in their purpose!

Connect with Sydney to check out her clothing line and get information on her future events by visiting her website and social media: