Woman of the Month: A Dash of Javona!


She’s a purpose-driven woman who is on a mission to spread the gospel.

It’s not every day that you meet someone that you connect with spiritually from the beginning.

It’s not every day that you meet someone who is on fire for the Lord and uses their platform to share His word.

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman named Javona who I connected with via social media. As soon as we began to talk, I could immediately see the light of Jesus in her. Since then, she has been a spiritual sister who I can always count on to remind me of how great God is. With that being said, I have to introduce her to you all! Let’s explore her background, her ministry and her impact on those around her.

Meet Javona!

Javona Swann is a millennial content creator who provides spiritual guidance through writing and speaking. She was raised in a military family, so she’s no stranger to exploring new territories, even in various aspects of her life. Javona ventured to Howard University in Washington, D.C. to study Theatre, then later transferring to Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA to study Journalism. While attending GSU, she lived a full college student life by becoming an RA and being crowned Miss Black & Gold for an Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. pageant.

After experiencing a bad breakup during the summer before her last semester, she found it hard to find happiness as she juggled the heartbreak with being a full-time student and working full-time. Despite the trials she faced, she still persevered and graduated Summa Cum Laude. She then moved back home to take a break and focus on what God is calling her to do. During her time at home, she has written a devotional book, started a business and even launched a podcast!

The Launch of Her Brand

For years, Javona has had the desire to start a podcast because of her gift of speaking. Before developing the podcast, she would send devotionals via text message which would include scripture and a message that the Lord laid on her heart. In the past, she has turned her moments with God into blog posts; however, her heart has always leaned towards the world of podcasting. Javona went after that goal and birthed a podcast, Word Wednesday, which she updates weekly.

Her motivation to launch and grow Word Wednesday stemmed from her understanding of how important it is to make the Bible more relatable to our generation. Hearing many people say they do not understand certain parts of the Bible fuels her to share content that will break the Word down for anyone to comprehend. Through her podcast, she can reach those who may not experience God’s presence on a daily basis, so she knows that she must share with them the word of God.

“My goal is to get people to pray more and to dive into their Word.”

Using Her Gifts to Pour Into Young Women

Because of her love for people, Javona has spent a lot of time working with young women and girls over the years. She started by teaching dance to young girls at a nearby YMCA. She has also volunteered as a mentor several times. As a mentor, she has had the opportunity to connect with many young women and girls who look to her for advice and spiritual guidance. Even as a RA during her college years, she’s had the chance to mentor and bond with the young ladies on her dorm floors. Her desire has always been to let women know how much they matter and that God’s love for them runs deep.

“We have so much untapped potential and power, especially in the kingdom of God - when women win, the whole world wins.”

The Inspiration Behind It All

If asked who inspires her to live out the calling that God has placed on her life, she will tell you that when she reflects on her 12-year-old self, she is motivated to keep going. Now that she’s older and wiser, there are many lessons that she would teach “12-year-old Javona.” She has now realized that as a young teen, she needed someone to guide her and tell her how much God truly loves her. Since she doesn’t want anyone to face the same things that she’s dealt with at that age, Javona strives to be the best example that she can be for other young girls.

She also finds inspiration by watching other iconic women accomplish their success. Some of her favorites include Maya Angelou, Phylicia Rashad, Debbie Allen, and Eartha Kitt. Javona admires the style and grace that these women have always possessed even in the midst of the obstacles that they faced in the past.

The Wisdom She Wants to Leave Behind

Javona’s advice to all young ladies who are striving to develop a platform that God has placed on their spirit is simple - PRAY. She’s learned that no matter how tough the journey gets, prayer changes things. As she works on her many projects, she has found that there will be days when you either don’t understand where God is taking you or you find it hard to follow His lead. She still advises to always listen to God, and give Him your “yes.”

“He can do more with your one ‘yes’ than you can do with 1,000 of your ‘no’s’.”

Javona wants anyone with a faith-based platform to know the importance of remaining in communion with the Lord and being obedient to His commands. She believes that the one time you say “no” to Him could be the door that someone needed to walk through to be saved. Obedience is key!

What’s Next?

Javona has made it her goal to continue to grow her podcast, release her devotional book, start a regular small group Bible study and officially launch her business. She is focused on God’s plans for her life and has no intention of stopping until she fulfills her purpose. You can keep up with Javona by clicking the social button below and following her. Be sure to check out Word Wednesday on SoundCloud for an inspiring word each Wednesday!