Woman of the Month: A Dash of Jasmine!

Jasmine Newson – a millennial creative with a passion for promoting mental wellness and being an advocate for the success of our youth

Photo: Jordan Bradley (IG: @visxjb)

Photo: Jordan Bradley (IG: @visxjb)

From the moment I met Jasmine in 2012, I knew one thing right away – she is a light. As a freshman at Georgia State, I joined a mentoring group called Quiet Storm Steppers, where Jasmine was one of the mentors. Everyone gravitated towards her because of her love for people, her sense of humor, and her vibrant spirit. You would always catch Jasmine laughing and talking to just about EVERYONE at GSU – whenever she wasn’t in a crowd dancing! Over the years, I have had the pleasure of watching her journey as she continues to blossom into the woman God has called her to be. She’s faced some obstacles along the way but has used them to dig deeper into her ministry. Let’s dive into Jasmine’s story – you have to meet the light that Milly Rocked her way into many of our hearts! (If you know, you know.)

Meet Jasmine! 

Jasmine is a talented writer, speaker, and motivator who inspires so many to increase their faith and follow their dreams. A Georgia native, she studied Sociology at GSU with the hopes of becoming a doctor. After graduating, she took on the task of becoming a teacher in Charlotte, NC with Teach for America (TFA). This opportunity fueled her love for the youth and helped her discover new gifts that God instilled in her to make an impact. Jasmine later completed a medical program, but then found her true love and desire for her career.

Turning Her Battles into Her Ministry 

To continue pursuing her dreams of becoming a doctor, Jasmine began a Premedical program at Washington University in St. Louis after completing her time with TFA. Not only was she embarking on a new journey, but she was also living in an unfamiliar place. Jasmine realized that adjusting to a new city and new culture while balancing her studies and work was a lot to bear. Once she noticed how much this was affecting her ability to focus and be at peace, she decided to get a Psycho-educational evaluation. 

Following the evaluation, Jasmine learned that she battled with ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Persistent Depressive Disorder. Although she felt overwhelmed after receiving this diagnosis, she knew that it was time to figure out how these disorders contributed to her well-being through therapy and personal discovery. Because of her own experiences and process of healing, she found that it was necessary to share her story. Healing and wellness became a theme in her conversations, and her life in general, so this led to deciding to use her platform to encourage healing in others. 

Jasmine would share motivation and testimonies in her social media captions to shed light on the importance of mental wellness. She started a blog on her phone and decided to take it to a new level with a full website. Her blog, JNewWisdom: The Revelation of the Millennial Woman, was brought to life in 2017 with posts that reflected her life’s lessons and inspiration. Her blog has opened many doors for her to connect with individuals who have faced similar struggles. Through her transparency, Jasmine has been able to provide a space that lets people know that they are not in this alone. 

Photo: Shantel Escobar (IG: @capturedbyshantel)

Photo: Shantel Escobar (IG: @capturedbyshantel)

Healing, But in a New Direction 

Becoming a doctor was the plan, but after graduating from her Premedical program, Jasmine realized it was not her calling. After doing some soul searching, she found that her passion lies within youth advocacy, nonprofit work, writing, public speaking, and of course, mental health. Although she didn’t imagine herself becoming a “creative” and an entrepreneur, she is now embracing this new journey by continuing to build JNewWisdom and getting her nonprofit, See Beyond, up and running. The goal of her nonprofit is to expose high school students to both traditional and non-traditional career paths while providing them with resources that they need to succeed beyond school. 

Jasmine’s ministry is also expanding beyond the digital space as she now hosts, and guest speaks at events that focus on empowerment, mental wellness, and bridging the gap between different generations. Through her speaking engagements, she’s had the opportunity to really break down the word of God for young people in a way that is relatable and easy to digest for them.

She’s currently working to turn her words of wisdom into a book that will expound on her series, The Healing Series: The Journey that Breeds Purpose, and plans to increase her YouTube presence by adding even more inspiring videos. Jasmine’s primary goal is to continue learning about her gifts and operating in them.

Photo: Jordan Bradley (IG: @visxjb)

Photo: Jordan Bradley (IG: @visxjb)

JNewWisdom: Advice to the Youth

What has helped Jasmine conquer her battles and excel in her field is her connection with God, “the ultimate Curator,” her relationship with the strong women and mentors in her life; and her therapy sessions. She wants to encourage everyone to seek a relationship with God AND a therapist to increase your value of life and your well-being. She also recommends spending time alone, pulling back from social media, and volunteering, all of which have brought happiness to her life. 

The Legacy of J. New 

My favorite question to ask our Woman of the Month features is, “what legacy do you want to leave behind?” It’s heavy, but the answers I get are always uplifting for me. Jasmine’s answer was no different. She wants to feel that she has done all that she can do to make a real impact on the lives of others by transforming mindsets and promoting healing. She lives by the idea of taking it one step at a time and allowing God to handle the rest, so she hopes to continue encouraging others to apply this to their lives. 

Keep Up with Jasmine

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