Woman of the Month: A Dash of Lauren!


She's a social media guru with a passion for mentoring young women.

Meet Dr. Lauren Simpson, a marketing expert who specializes in freelance social media managing as well as organizational leadership. A native of Nashville, TN, she is taking Atlanta by storm as she works to build the brands of companies and nonprofits while also spending time giving back to the community as a motivational speaker and mentor. 

She believes that education is the key to mastering your craft. 

Dr. Simpson has spent the last few years with her head in the books to further her scholastic endeavors. She made sure to equip herself with all of the education that she needed in order to succeed in her career. In 2008, she obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications from Middle Tennessee State University and later went on to pursue a Master of Education Degree in Nonprofit Leadership from Belmont University in 2012. She didn't stop there! In 2016, she received a Doctorate of Education Degree in Organizational Leadership Argosy University-Atlanta.

She's all about her business. 

Last year, the door was opened for Dr. Simpson to pursue her dream career in communications and social media. She currently works as a full-time Marketing Coordinator where she manages social media accounts, creates blog content and other marketing-related tasks. When she's not busy at work with her full-time position, she is overseeing her own business, The Social Media Dr., LLC, a social media managing consulting company. Since its inception, The Social Media Dr. has not only helped clients with their social media needs, including graphic design, but the company has also provided nonprofit consulting. It's safe to say she's worked hard to level up her resume! 

She has created a safe space for young women.

Aside from being a boss in her field, Dr. Simpson spends a lot of her free time pouring into other women who aspire to walk in their purpose. In 2016, she founded Adjust Your Crown Mentoring Inc., a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization with the purpose of uplifting women as well as reminding them that they are Queens and to uphold their crowns at all times. She wanted to create a virtual organization that would allow women to network with one another and to empower each other. Dr. Simpson makes it her goal to provide useful information, blog posts, daily inspirational messages via GroupMe and advice to the group on a regular basis. She also hosts bi-monthly meet-ups for the women to connect with her and get to know each other in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. AYCM is not just a local organization - there are ambassadors in several cities including Chicago, Nashville, Memphis and more.  


She knows that true success is more than just your accomplishments. 

A lot of people accomplish a lot of things, but are they truly happy? I want to live life, be happy and be successful, and not have to choose one or the other. 

Dr. Simpson knows that her life's purpose is bigger than her, so she is putting in the work and going after what she was called to do. She is working hard to further her mission of inspiring other women by securing speaking engagements across the U.S. for various platforms. Over the next years, she plans to write more, travel more, live more and pursue even more happiness. 


She wants other young women who are working towards their goals to know that their path is different from others so they should never compare themselves to anyone else. Life has taught her the importance of simply enjoying life because, so she encourages others to never beat themselves up no matter what life throws their way. Another important lesson that she's learned along the way is to never be afraid to leap. Dr. Simpson is no stranger to taking risks. When she decided to leave her home in Nashville with little money and no job, she knew that she had to make her move to Atlanta on faith. She even took a huge step with starting her own business and adjusting her career path, but she was determined to figure it all out by any means necessary. 

Don't beat yourself up if you don't get to where you want to be in the time frame that you thought you would be there. 

Dr. Simpson is living proof that no dream is too big to accomplish. She hopes to get this message out into the world, even if it reaches just one person! 

Connect with Dr. Lauren Simpson, learn more about her business and find out how you can join Adjust Your Crown Mentoring Inc. by visiting her social media and websites: