Woman of the Month: A Dash of Alex!

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She's a successful attorney who puts God in the center of her business.

Meet Alex R. Gaines, a Business Law and Estate Planning Attorney, who is the founder, CEO and Managing Attorney of Alex Gaines Law, PC. Alex has been practicing law for seven years and has had her own firm for two and a half years. 

She built her business on solid core values.

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After the birth of her first child, she began to think about how she would protect her family if something were to happen to her or her husband, which led to her shifting her focus to Estate Planning in 2015. Her firm strives to "secure your legacy and peace of mind, personal and financial wellness." She works daily to protect families and individuals from the trials that are a result of an incapacitated or deceased loved one through holistic estate planning. In addition, her firm works with business owners to assist them with forming and protecting their companies. All in all, her firm was built on the foundation of honoring God.

"I wanted to help other people protect what matters most to them."

She's surrounded herself with love and positivity. 

Alex's passion for helping other people stems from her love for God and family. Her main goal is to glorify God in everything that she does including being a wife and raising her family. Her relationship with the Lord and the support she receives from her husband are what sustains her and motivates her to keep going. Her mom's constant encouragement and sacrifice have also played a huge role in her success. Not only has her family poured into her, but her professional network of other African American women has given her wisdom and laid out the path for her to follow.

"I want to continue to grow in the purpose that the Lord has for me."

She empowers the youth. 

For the last two years, Alex has dedicated her time to being a small group leader within a high school ministry at her church. She has been a role model for a group of girls that she has been guiding since their freshmen year. This opportunity has allowed her to help them to truly see themselves as the young women that God created them to be. Alex has worked to assist them in planning life beyond high school as well as providing them with the tools they need to remain aligned with God's word. Because of this experience, she has been able to use the same guidance with her 12-year-old niece who she also teaches the importance of being educated in business, networking and getting involved in positive extra-curricular activities. 

She has great advice for anyone interested in her field. 

Alex advises any young person who is interested in following the same path as her to further their education and do whatever it takes to avoid educational debt. Her solution to high educational costs is to search for scholarships and try to attend college in-state. She also suggests minoring in Business as well as seeking out opportunities to intern and network with people who share common interests. Alex is a firm believer in gathering advice and wisdom from other professionals who are knowledgeable in your field of interest. She also believes that goal-setting is key.

"You have to start with a plan - write it out and follow it."
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When it's all said and done, Alex would like to be remembered as a woman who loves the Lord and brought Him glory through her life's work. She desires to continue to be a great wife, businesswoman and guide for the younger generation.

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